Sobeys Flyer December 19 2016

Check the newest Sobeys Flyer featuring special deals , great option , new taste recipes , good looking selection and reasonable prices ! You will encounter amazing options to save your money ! If you want to catch amazing advantages of them on this week , first you should browse Sobeys Flyer December 19 2016. You will find more of what you’re looking for on this flyer. There isn’t ordinary list of regular foods. You can reach many holiday products and special offers. In my opinion , one of the best deals of their new flyer is featured on page 1. When you buy a Sardo select bruschetta , you will get Artisan fougasse bread FREE!Sobeys Flyer December 19 2016

You can also reach good recipes on page 1 . You can make special entertaining appetizers easily thanks to this recipe. This is quite simple and delicious. You should try to make this!

On page 2 includes awesome gift ideas ! Many goodies such as chocolates are sale on this page. Moreover , their prices are exteremely fair. If you want to get some delicious chocolates for loved ones , here is amazing place to get them! Don’t miss these good products !

Also , several delicious bakery products for holiday are available on page 3. Cakes , mincemeat , wafers , baking chocolate and many more are sale on this page. In addition , there is amazing deal on this page. When you buy 2 Becel margarine , you will get 1 Compliments large eggs FREE !

Some fresh produce were selected for you ;

  • Broccoli , $2.99
  • Sweet potatoes , $1.49 lb
  • Apples , $1.99 lb
  • Organic celery hearts , $3.99
  • Jumbo chestnuts , $4.99
  • Organic cranberry , 2 for $5.00
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