Foodland Ontario Flyer February 18 2017

I guess you want to go shopping this weekend and throw away the fatigue of the week. The weather is great tomorrow. If you want to reduce your stress and spend a nice weekend , you should make a plan for tomorrow. I think , first of all you should get through weekly shopping if you need some regular foods. Foodland Ontario Flyer February 18 2017 offers you great opportunities to reduce to cost of weekly shopping. Several types of products are on discount now. Let’s look at their special deals and benefit their reasonable prices !

Check meat selection of Foodland Ontario !Foodland Ontario Flyer February 18 2017

It is always possible to reach super fresh meat products in their stores. On this week , they contains good looking and delicious products on their flyer. In my opinion , you should focus on their seafoods. As you know fish is big miracle for our and kids’ immune system. You should eat fish varieties three times in a week at least. For healthy life and happier family, you can start to eat fish three times in a week today. If you are a big family, you can buy more than you need and stock up to fridge for next time.

  • Fresh atlantic salmon portions , $4.99
  • Compliments pacific white cooked shrimp with sauce , $12.00
  • Janes fillet of sole or tavern battered cod fillets , $11.99
  • Sensations by Compliments boneless chicken thighs , $5.99 lb.
  • Sterling silver outside round roast , $6.99
  • Sensations by Compliments bbq or sweet chili back ribs , $12.99
  • Maple lodge chicken bacon , $3.99

Also , You will come across some special offers ! I want to tell you some of them. For example ; when you buy 1 pkg of beef , chicken strips or shrimp (previosly frozen , uncooked) , you will get 1 pkg of made fresh daily veggie stir fry or bell pepper mix (assorted sizes) FREE !

Part of “Weekly Savings” will draw your attention ! Many kind of products such as snacks , canned goods , sauces , deli , drinks can be found at lower prices here. Savings up to $3.00 are featured on page 5. If you are looking for some of them , you should benefit these amazing prices.

  • Christie graham crumbs or honey graham wafers , $3.49
  • Robin hood or five roses flour , $8.99
  • Mars chocolate bars , $1.00
  • Pepperidge farm goldfish , $2.49
  • Maple leaf flakes of ham , $1.49
  • Hellmann’s mayonnaise , $4.49

Don’t forget browsing part of “Buy More Save More” if you want to stock up some products. You can find many high quality selection on this page. Kettle corn , crackers , spring water , energy drink , sparkling water , canned vegetables and more are sale on page 5.

For more details and information , let’s browse all pages of this flyer. Enjoy !

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