IGA Flyer March 22 2017

As you can see, CaFlyers.ca now serves you with its new theme and lots of new retailers. IGA is the just one of those retailers and in today’s IGA Flyer March 22 2017 there are many good deals on countless products such as Sensation Chicken Breast, Tray Pack Corn, Sensation Burgers and many more. With today’s flyer you have more ways to save than ever before ! IGA is the one of the greatest market in Canada, so if you are looking for the best place for your weekly shopping list, then IGA is the one of the best places to look at. We sure listed the best deal on this flyer just for you but you can always check out the deals by clicking the right hand side image.

Best Deals on Today’s Flyer

We just missed the 3 Days Sale on IGA but don’t worry, there are always more deals on IGA and we listed the best of them. Now let’s see the today’s best offers on IGA and start with the Fresh Meat options. In Fresh Meats section, we can found many good deals for meats, sausages and many more. IGA Flyer March 22 2017

  • Sterling Silver Inside Round Marinating Steak, $6.99/lb
  • Johnsonville Sausages, $4.29
  • Schneiders Juicy Jumbos Wieners, $6.49
  • Schneiders Sausage Sticks, $9.79
  • Olymel Sliced Side Bacon, $6.49

Grocery Options

IGA offers you more deals on Grocery section so if you were looking for your weekly supplies on Groceries, then today’s IGA flyer is the one of the best choices you had. Now let’s see the deals on groceries !

  • General Mills Cheerios, 2 for $5.00
  • IGA Flyer March 22 2017
  • Kicking Horse Coffee, $10.99
  • Kraft Peanut Butter, $5.99
  • Snack Pack Pudding, $1.99
  • Post Family Size Cereal, $4.99

As you can see, there are many good deals on various types of products and all you have to do is check this brand new flyer right now ! Just click on the right hand side image for more deals on IGA. You can always subscribe our news teller for daily deals and brand new flyers. See you next time !

CaFlyers Welcomes You With New Theme and Features

From now on, CaFlyers.ca will serve you with its new theme and features ! With its new theme, CaFlyers.ca now more capable, flexible and easy to use. Now lets check out the best features and new skills of our new theme !

New Theme and Features1

Fist, lets check out the new left sidebar named “1”. In it, you can easily navigate around the retailers and you can customly search your store in “Search in Retailers” section shown and marked red in bellow image;

With this feature, you can have more flexibility to search any retailers and now this task is easier than ever. Now lets focus on the right side of our main page named section “2”. In it, you can see the popular retailers in one place. With this feature, you can see and browse the best retailers and flyers with just one click.  In section “3” you will see the “SUBSCRIBE” button and with it you can subscribe our news teller for daily deal alerts and brand new flyers.  In section “4”, you will see our new flyer carousel  and with it, you can easily see and select the newest flyers.

Flyer View and Feedbacks

We also changed our flyer view screen with more easy to use and eye friendly version, so feel free to check it out too ! And please give us feedback for creating more user friendly environment, just for you and your needs.  You can mail us for feedbacks and subscribe our news teller for more news and improvements.