Celebrate Canada Day With Renewing Your Electronics

Last special chances for Canada Day to catch up perfect solutions to reduce to cost of electronic shopping ! Top brands such as 2001 Audio Video , Factory Direct , Tech Source , Visions Electronics and Best Buy introduce you unique options to pay less for great quality and useful selections. Whatever you want to check related to electronics can be browsable on their flyers. If you need new electronics such as led tvs , smart phones , speakers , headphones , gaming consoles , major appliances , laptops , you should browse their flyers.

Canada Day Sale !

Important details of some flyers have been checked by me for you. I have came across various deals. When I check them out , I understood that they show us how to buy the best at the lowest prices. Each stores introduce you different and awesome offers to pay less. I will give you some advice about their good deals. Don’t worry , you will never see unnecessary information or details. If you are ready let’s begin !

2001 Audio Video Flyer ;

I would like to start by introducing 2001 Audio Video Flyer. You have amazing chances to have the best with reasonable prices in their stores. Lots of savings up to $1500 can be found on their flyer. If you check this flyer , you will see that they especially focused on Led tvs. Various tvs for every budget are available on this flyer.

Moreover , they offer you Extended service protection plan when necessary you can get 100% money back. In addition , when you browse on page 3 , you will come across many discounted selections. They’ve dropped prices of these selected products. Particulary , you should look at products of Bose. These are quite quality. Thanks to this product you will experience great sound quality.

Canada Day SAVE $1502 on Samsung 55 inch 4K QLED TV
SAVE $1502 on Samsung 55” 4K QLED TV
Canada Day SAVE THE TAX on LG 65 or 55 inch 4K OLED HDR TVs
SAVE THE TAX on LG 65 or 55” 4K OLED HDR TVs
Canada Day SAVE Save $400 on Paradigm Home Theatre Systems
Save $400 on Paradigm Home Theatre Systems

Factory Direct Flyer;

Factory brings you the best prices and products you deserve ! Their product range is exteremely wide. You can reach more what you are looking for on their current flyer easily. Moreover , great offers that you can save up to 80% are available on this flyer. 100’s of top brand such as Samsung , LG , Panasonic , Philips , Lenovo , Sony and more are waiting for you to be discovered here !

Especially , I recommend that check on page 1 of this fabulous flyer. Many types of products , special parts and good deals are featured on this page. Part of Hot Deals Of The Week is drawing attention. 4 special selection are on sale now. If you need them , you shouldn’t miss these selected products. My favouite one on this page is Bionaire ultra slim tower fan combo for $89.99

Canada Day Apple iPhone 5s only $299.99
iPhone 5s only $299.99” 4K QLED TV
Canada Day Acer cloudbook dual core laptop are on sale
Acer cloudbook dual core laptop
Canada Day Panther ufo 2.4 ghz quaddrone $69.99
Panther ufo 2.4 ghz quaddrone $69.99

2001 Audio Video Flyer May 1 2017

INVENTORY CLEARANCE SALE” has begun in 2001 Audio Vieo stores ! They offer you unique product list that you will reach what you are looking for related to electronics such as led tvs , home theatre systems , headphones , speakers , auto audio systems and more. You have a lot of special opportunities on 2001 Audio Video Flyer May 1 2017. If you want to have something from this flyer , you should benefit these deals and lower prices. You will find special options to reduce to cost of shopping here that you will not find in most stores.2001 Audio Video Flyer May 1 2017

Unlike most deals, there is amazing offer that is drawing attention on cover page. If you want , you don’t pay 6 months ! Moreover , there are no interest, payment and management fee for this. If you want to reach more information about this , you can visit their stores. Here you go !

Let’s check what products are on sale now  !

When you check cover page , you will come across “hot buy” , discounted products and unique selections ! Various kind of products such as tvs , receivers , sound bar , headphones and more are waiting for you to be discovered on this page. You may be surprised, but this page contains great prices that you can save up to $1502.00 ! Let’s check them and don’t exceed your budget !

Lower prices on cover page ;

  • Soundlink mini speaker II bose , $229.99 (Regularly $249.99)
  • Harley Chanti mini portable audio system , $89.99 (Regularly , $99.99)
  • Panasonic digital cordless phone , $119.99 (Regularly , $149.99)
  • Yamaha musiccast sound bar , $499.99 (Regularly , $499.00)
  • Paradigm home theatre system , $699.99 (Regularly , $1099.00)
  • Lg 58 inch uhd 4k color prime , $1299.99 (Regularly , $1699.99)
  • Denon micro system with usb , $349.99 (Regulary , $449.99)

Many LED tv selections , accessories , BLU-RAY products and audio receviers can be browsable on page 1. You will see savings up to $2002 when you check on this page. Especially , you should look at part of AUDIO and VIDEO RECEIVERS because all selections on this part are on sale now !These selections have been selected for you. You will always come across high quality and special products of top brands here. If you want to get the best and you want to pay less , here is one best places in Canada.2001 Audio Video Flyer May 1 2017

Good prices for your budget ;

  • Lg 3d smart 1080p blu-ray usb direct recording , $149.99 (Save $40.00)
  • Epson 3d home theatre projector , $899.99 (Save $100.00)
  • Samsung 65 inch curved uhd smart tv , $2097.99 (Save $602.00)
  • Yamaha 125 w x 2 bluetooth stereo receiver , $249.00 (Save $50.00)
  • Pioneer 5.1 channel bluetooth receiver , $399.00 (Save $200.00)
  • Custom audio outdoor rock speaker , $49.99 (Save $20.00)
  • Bose environmental speakers , $299.99
  • Lg 60 inch 4k uhd smart webos. 3.0 , $1297.99 (Save $402.00)

If you are in search for great quality headphones with reasonable prices , you should browse on page 3 of this good flyer. A lot of different headphones selections for a good music experience can be found here. Great offers that you will save up to $100.00 are available. All headphones are on discount now. You shouldn’t miss these fair prices. Not only headphones , you will also find automotive audio accessories , subwoofer , cd car deck and dvd receiver are sale on this page.

Audio systems for car ;2001 Audio Video Flyer May 1 2017

  • Kicker 4 ohms ported enclosure with 10 inch sub , $148.99 (Regularly , $249.00)
  • Pioneer in dash cd car deck , $127.99 (Regularly , $149.00)
  • Kenwood mono subwoofer amplifier , $299.99
  • Alpine 10 inch subwoofer , $249.99 (Regularly , $349.99)
  • Clarion in dash cd car deck , $119.99 (Regularly , $159.00)
  • Kicker 6.5 2 way speaker , $78.00 (Regularly , $129.00)
  • Pioneer 2-din multimedia dvd with bluetooth , $897.99 (Regularly , $1049.00)
  • Kenwood 6.5 inch 3 way speaker , $99.98 (Regularly , $119.00)

Headphones ;

  • Panasonic sound rush on ear headphones , $39.99 (Regularly , $59.00)
  • Sennheiser on ear headphones , $199.99 (Regularly , $299.00)
  • Escape streo headset , $29.99 (Regularly , $49.00)
  • Bose soundsport in ear headphones , $99.99 (Regularly , $129.00)
  • Pioneer in ear headphones , $19.99 (50% off)
  • Pioneer ipod , iphone , mp3 headphones , $79.99 (Regularly , $179.00)
  • Bose noise canceling wireless headphones , $449.99
  • Escape hands free headset , $28.00 (Regularly , $49.00)

For more informations , good discounts and opportunities , you should browse other pages. You will find more of what you want to see. Let’s start checking it and save your money. Enjoy !

2001 Audio Video Flyer March 4 2017

2001 Audio Video welcomes you with its 46th. Anniversary Sale ! Today on 2001 Audio Video Flyer March 4 2017 there are many good deals and big discounts on various types of items such as Hi-Definition TVs, Blu-Ray Players, Audio-Video Receivers and many more. If you were looking any kind of electronics then today’s 2001 Audio Video flyer is just for you ! With this flyer on your hand, you can find all of your needs and buy any electronics you want with the best price ! We listed the best deals on this flyer just for you but feel free to check all the deals on this flyer. You can easily see today’s flyer by clicking the bellow image.

Best Deals on Today’s Flyer

As we said before, Today’s 2001 Audio Video Flyer contains many good deals because of its 46th. Anniversary Sale. So use this opportunity to buy those item you need most ! We listed the best deals, but don’t forget to check out for more ! Now, lets see the best deals.2001 Audio Video Flyer March 4 2017

  • Panasonic 55′ 4K TV, $997.99 (save $52)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7”, $149.99
  • Panasonic Ultra Hi-Definition 4K Blu-Ray, $697.99
  • Epson 3D Home Theater Projector , $897.99
  • LG 55′ 4K UHD IPS-Screen TV, $997,99 (save $602)
  • Pioneer Bookshelf Speakers , $168,99

Deals on this flyer wont end here, so don’t forget to check this flyer right now ! We will bring you the best deals on 2001 Audio Video, so don’t forget to subscribe our news teller for more !

CaFlyers Welcomes You With New Theme and Features

From now on, CaFlyers.ca will serve you with its new theme and features ! With its new theme, CaFlyers.ca now more capable, flexible and easy to use. Now lets check out the best features and new skills of our new theme !

New Theme and Features1

Fist, lets check out the new left sidebar named “1”. In it, you can easily navigate around the retailers and you can customly search your store in “Search in Retailers” section shown and marked red in bellow image;

With this feature, you can have more flexibility to search any retailers and now this task is easier than ever. Now lets focus on the right side of our main page named section “2”. In it, you can see the popular retailers in one place. With this feature, you can see and browse the best retailers and flyers with just one click.  In section “3” you will see the “SUBSCRIBE” button and with it you can subscribe our news teller for daily deal alerts and brand new flyers.  In section “4”, you will see our new flyer carousel  and with it, you can easily see and select the newest flyers.

Flyer View and Feedbacks

We also changed our flyer view screen with more easy to use and eye friendly version, so feel free to check it out too ! And please give us feedback for creating more user friendly environment, just for you and your needs.  You can mail us for feedbacks and subscribe our news teller for more news and improvements.