Real Canadian Superstore Flyer May 29 2017

You should always be alert with Real Canadian Superstore flyers and their awesome sales every week ! The newest product selections , unique options to reduce to cost of shopping and huge product list can be always found on their flyers. You can reach what you are in search for easily in their stores and flyers. Product selections are not limited for only foods. You have some electronics , home essentials , personal care , pharmacy , household and more. Moreover , they have lowered prices of a lot of selected products on this week. Let’s browse what you have on Real Canadian Superstore Flyer May 29 2017 !Real Canadian Superstore Flyer May 29 2017

Real deals , Real prices !

Their product list will draw your attention because popular and great quality products of top brands are featured on this flyer. All pages of this flyer have been browsed for you. I have came across quite fair prices for high-quality selections. If you have a plan to get some foods , you should benefit these reasonable prices. It is possible to reach product of every parts. Moreover , every parts contain different options to save your money.

Page 4 is full of delicious goodies such as croissants , cupcakes , cookies and donuts. Their selections are pretty fresh. Particulary , you should try Frosted sugar cookies. It is my favourite on this page. In addition , French or Italian crusty bread are on sale now. You will pay only $1.00 for this. It is baked in store. Don’t miss it !

Part of bakery ;

  • Ace gourmet buns , $3.00 ea.
  • Old mill bagels , $1.58 ea.
  • Wonder wraps or Casa mendosa , $2.98 ea.
  • Mini cupcakes , $3.00 ea.
  • Annette’s glazed donuts , $2.00 ea.
  • Bulk buns , bagels or croissants , $0.50 ea.

As I said , they have dropped prices of various types of selections on this week. When you look at pages 9 and 10 , you will see amazing offers that you will save up to $5.21 ! Let’s check these products if you need some of them , you should catch up these reasonable prices ! These products are quite popular and great quality. In my opinion , the best selections is Tim Hortons single serve coffee cups for $18.97. When you any purchase of it , you will save $1.00Real Canadian Superstore Flyer May 29 2017

Celebrate with Super Prices ;

  • So nice organic or Earth’s own non-dairy beverages , $3.48 ea.
  • Minigo yoplait or Yoplait tubes , $2.00 ea.
  • Quaker instant oatmeal , $2.48 ea.
  • Leclerc celebration cookies or waffers , $1.98 ea.
  • Snuggle fabric softener , $7.98 ea.
  • Dawn or Ivory hand dish detergent , $1.98 ea.
  • Royale tiger towel , $5.98 ea.

Many specials for Dragon Boat Festival are waiting for you to be discovered on page 12 ! A lot of ethnic and new tasting products are available on this page. It might be a product you have not tried before. This is good chance to try new products. Find some Asian recipes and make a different meal to yourself. These are on discount now. Let’s catch up and enjoy discovering new food !

Dragon Boat Festival ;

  • Roaster brand rice , $9.98 ea.
  • Rooster superior sweet rice , $3.28 ea.
  • T&T tropical cake , $1.00 ea.
  • Royal castle traditional butter cookies , $2.98 ea.
  • Melona frozen dessert bars , $3.98 ea.
  • Cooked shrimp head on , shell on or frozen , $7.00
  • Wings wonton or eggroll wrappers , $1.38Real Canadian Superstore Flyer May 29 2017

Also , good savings up to 30% are featured on page 18 ! Some small appliances , home essentials , electronics , toys and many more are sale on this page. You also have some deals. Wou will come across some special deals. For more details , you must read them. My favourite product is Canon pixma wireless all-in-one printer. This is limited products. You can buy maximum 2 of this. You can pay only $44.97 for this. If you need a new printer , this is good chance !

Catch up savings up to 30% !

  • All Hamilton Beach appliances , 20% off !
  • All baker’s secret bakeware , 25% off !
  • All closet organization , 25% off !
  • Energizer dense pack batteries , $9.97 ea.
  • Select Banzai toys , 25% off.
  • All Anchor hocking kitchen canisters , 25% off.
  • Life at Home hotel bath towels , 30% off.

No Frills Flyer May 29 2017

No Frills has offered many perfect solutions to reduce to cost of weekly shopping again ! They are “UNBEATABLE” in all way. When you browse No Frills Flyer May 29 2017 , you will come across the lowest prices for same products. They give you the lowest price guarantee. If you look at cover page , you will see their impressive slogan. “If you find a cheaper price , simply show us and we will match”. Let’s check all pages and enjoy reaching the cheapest prices for the freshest and high-quality products.No Frills Flyer May 29 2017


All pages of this flyer have been checked by me for you. I have selected the best ones. You will see many special options to not exceed your budget when you read this article. Every pages contain reasonable prices. The only thing you need for a great shopping is shopping list. If you have it , we can start !

Page 1 includes many types of selections such as meat , seafood , deli , bakery and frozen. Awesome prices that you can save up to $5.00 are available on this page. If you are looking for some delicious selections , you will be satisfied with these products. Especially , you should focus on Skin-on salmon portions. It is new ! You should try this new tasting selection. Let’s browse and get your needs at fair prices !

  • Fresh boneless skinless chicken breast , $4.97 lb.
  • Maple leaf bacon , $3.97
  • Johnsonville sausages , $3.47
  • Lou’s pork back ribs in bbq sauce , $6.97
  • Maple leaf prime chicken wings , $8.97
  • Lean ground pork , $2.97 lb.
  • Marina del rey wild shrimp , $5.97
  • Country harvest bread , $1.97

Best Buy Flyer May 27 2017

It is so easy to save your money in Best Buy stores ! If you are in search for electronics such as major appliances , laptops , tv’s , home audio systems , entertainment products , musical enstruments , smart home systems , automotive accessories , small kitchen appliances , smart phones , headphones , speaker , camera or anything , you will reach in their stores or on Best Buy Flyer May 27 2017. Their product selection is quite good. They introduce you the best products of top brands every week. If you want to save your money while shopping , here is one of the best places in Canada !


All pages of this have been browsed by me for you. The best deals , the lowest prices and the best product selections have been selected for you. When you read this article , you will come across a lot of special opportunities you deserve. You don’t need to exceed your budget for great quality and useful products. Best Buy always offers you something you deserve. Let’s look at what product on sale this week !Best Buy Flyer May 27 2017

First of all , I want to start from page 2. Various TV’s , home theatre systems and more can be browsable here. Their product selections are exteremely good. Moreover , there are on discount up to $200. My favouite one is Sony 65″ 4k hdr android smart oled tv for $7499.99. With this TV you can experience great looking experiences.

Also , FREE DELIVERY , INSTALLATION and WALL  MOUNT are available here ! If you buy some select tv , you have these options. Don’t miss these opportunities if you are committed to get some tv. In addition , You can make installment plans for home threatre systems on this page. For more details and information , check on page 2.

Cause you deserve the best !

  • Toshiba 45 inch 4k cast smart led tv , $599.99 (Save $150)
  • Samsung 55 inch 4k smart hdr led tv , $999.99 (Save $100)
  • Lg 55 inch 4k hdr led webOS 3.5 smart tv , $2299.99 (Save $200)
  • Toshiba 55 inch 4k cast smart led tv , $699.99 (Save $100)
  • Samsung 65 inch 4k curved hdr smart led tv , $2999.99 (Save $200)

Home Theatre ;

  • Magnavcx sound bar with wireless subwoofer , $99.99 (Save $30)
  • Sony 5.1 channel 3d blu-ray home theatre system , $249.99 (Save $100)
  • Polk sound war with wireless subwoofer , $599.99 (Save $100)
  • Sony ultra slim 200w bluetooth , $329.99 (Save $50)Best Buy Flyer May 27 2017

If you need some new major appliances or small kitchen appliances , you will come across many special options for this week to reduce to cost of shopping ! Best Buy works top brands such as Whirlpool , KitchenAid , Samsung and Bosch. Therefore , you will get the best at the lowest prices in their stores. When you spend over $5.000 , you will take an extra $1000 off ! You should look at on page 11 and catch up good savings !

Major appliances ;

  • KitchenAid ft over the range microwave , $699.99 (Save $350)
  • Whirlpool ft french door refrigerator , $1599.99 (Save $100)
  • Bosch tall tub dishwasher , $1299.99 (Save $450)
  • Samsung laundry pair , $3399.98 (Save $1300)
  • Insignia 1.6 cu ft portable washer , $299.99 (Save $50)
  • Frigidaire 3.0 cu ft washer 5.5 cu dryer electric laundry centre , $1499.99 (Save $50)Best Buy Flyer May 27 2017

You can also reach a lot of small appliances with reasonable prices on page 13 ! The best products of the best brands are waiting for you to be purchased with fair prices here. Perfect offers that you can save up to $125 are featured on this page. In my opinion , you should focus on Breville dua-temp pro expresso machine. It is on sale up to $100. You can pay only $349.99 for this. Don’t miss !

Small appliances ;

  • Cuisinart steam a convection oven , $229.99 (Save $20)
  • Panasonic 1.3 cu ft microwave , $119.99 (Save $30)
  • Insignia 24 bottle wine cooler , $179.99 (Save $20)
  • Philips powertouch shaver , $59.99 (Save $10)
  • Cuisinart 8 cup elemental food processor , $99.99 (Save $30)

For more deals , products , information and details , you can browse other pages of this flyer. Be sure , you will find more what you are looking for on this flyer. Let’s check all pages and get your needs at lower prices. Here you go !

Loblaws Flyer May 26 2017

It is time to reduce to cost of weekly shopping with awesome product list of Loblaws ! What makes flyers great is the variety of products. The great thing is that the product range of flyer because we always want to reach prices what you are looking for. On this week , this store provides many options for a good weekly shopping such as huge product range , lower prices for many fresh and high-quality selection and special offers. Let’s check what products are on discount on this week. Look at what is waiting for you on awesome list of  Loblaws Flyer May 26 2017 !


As every week , they introduce you unique options to not pay more for your essentials. Obviously I am quite impressed with these offers. A lot of selections are on sale now. And be sure that you will see what you are in search for in their stores. You will never see anything out of stock in their stores. If you have a shopping list , you can enjoy coming across reasonable prices.Loblaws Flyer May 26 2017

First of all , I want to talk about limited products of them. Buying limited products is always better for your budget. Stocking up these selections can be good option. If you are committed to stock up these , you shouldn’t miss them. It is really easy to save your money in Loblaws. You will always find more ways to pay less !

Limited products ;

  • Cracker barrel cheese bars or shredded cheese , $4.99 (Limit 8)
  • Dr.oetker ristorante or Casa di mama frozen pizza , $2.99 (Limit 10)
  • Royale tiger bathroom tissue , $4.47 (Limit 12)
  • Kraft peanut butter , $2.99 (Limit 8)
  • Pc pacific white shrimp raw peeled , $6.99 (Limit 10)
  • Maxwell house roast or ground coffee , $5.99 (Limit 8)
  • Christie crackers , $1.67 (Limit 10)
  • Black diamond cheestrings pkg of 8 , $1.99 (Limit 10)

Various vegetables , fruit , fresh cuts , healthy selections and floral can be browsable on pages 3 and 4. I recommend that you should focus on organics such as strawberries. It is more healthier than others. There are many good looking and natural selections on this page. If you want to get the best you deserve , I think here is one of the best places in Canada.Loblaws Flyer May 26 2017

Produce ;

  • Organic strawberries , $4.99 (454 g)
  • Tree ripe nectarines , $3.99 lb.
  • Pc organics baby spinach or field greens , $5.99 (Save at least 40% off)
  • Farmer’s market mini carrots , $3.99 (Save at least 20% off)
  • Dole salad mix , 2 for $9.00
  • Fresh snack cubs prepared fresh in-store daily , $2.99
  • Jumbo pineapple , $3.99
  • Large broccoli , $2.99

Floral ;

  • Gift bouquets assorted colours , $20.00
  • Build-a-bouquet assorted colours , 3 for $20.00
  • Pc tulips 15 stems , $12.00
  • Dozen roses 15 stem , $20.00

Part of meat is also drawing attention with awesome deals and lower prices. They give you satisfaction guarantee. You can get your money back if you do not satisfied. Be sure , you will be satisfied. Prices are also pretty reasonable. Moreover , it is possible to reach good savings up to $4.00 for selected products. One of my favourite on this page is top sirloin medallion cut from platinum ontario corn fed  AAA grade beef for $14.99 lb.Loblaws Flyer May 26 2017

In addition , a good chance are waiting for you to be checked ! When you buy a Flamingo products selected varieties frozen , you will get a 2nd of your choice for only $1.00 ! You shouldn’t forget that benefit this deal ! For more you can look at page 5. Here you go !

Meat ;

  • Striploin fast-fry steak AAA grade beef , $18.99 lb (Save $1.00 lb)
  • Sirloin tip oven roast or marinating steak , $7.99 lb. (Save at least $1.00 lb)
  • Pc world of flavours buffalo split chicken wings , $6.99 lb.
  • Chicken breast family size , $4.99 lb.
  • Swiss chalet smoky bbq pork back ribs , $9.99
  • Schenniders sliced meat selected varities , 2 for $8.00
  • Pc free from lean ground pork , $5.99 lb.
  • Blue menu or Free from breakfast or dinner sausage , $4.99

Seafood ;

  • Fresh atlantic salmon fillets , $11.99 lb.
  • Fresh atlantic salmon portions , $4.49 (113 g)
  • Pc or Blue menu salmon or rainbow trout fillet , $10.99 (280 g)
  • Cedar bay cedar planked salmon , $19.99 (685 g)

Many natural selections are available on page 8.  Many opportunities such as savings up to $6 are waiting for you ! They have lowered prices of these great quality selections. In addition, if you are looking for some healthy snacks , you can come across many types of bulk foods in the bottom part of the page. These can be a good choice for Ramadan because nut products helps you organize your blood sugar.

Natural selections for less !Loblaws Flyer May 26 2017

  • Vega products are on sale up to 15% !
  • Blue diamond almond breeze non dairy beverage , 2 for $5.00
  • Sensible portions veggie straws , 2 for $6.00
  • Angie’s boom chicka popcorn , 2 for $6.00
  • Kiju organic juice , 2 for $5.00
  • Nature’s path organic cereal , 2 for $8.00
  • Kicking Horse organic whole bean coffee , 2 for $26.98
  • Silk almond coffee whitener , 2 for $5.00

Bulk foods ;

  • Flax seeds , $0.59 (100 g).
  • Virginia blanched peanuts salted or unsalted , $0.79 (100 g).
  • Raw becan halves , $3.29 (100 g).
  • Dried apricots , $1.49 (100 g).
  • Pitted dates , $0.49 (100 g).
  • Chocolate buds or macaroons , $0.79 (100 g).

Food Basics Flyer May 24 2017

Get ready for a great weekly shopping with “CRAZY 8 SALE” including quite lower prices ! A lot of super fresh and high-quality product selections , unique deals and more options to reduce to cost of shopping are waiting for you ! They offer you the best because they work with the most exclusive brands. Do not need to pay high fees for the same product. It is always easy to find the best prices here. Let’s browse Food Basics Flyer May 24 2017.Food Basics Flyer May 24 2017


You will reach amazing product list that you will come across what you are in search for related to basic kitchen foods such as frozen , seafood , meat , produce , snacks and more when you check it out. Determine how much you will save according to what you need. Every pages of this contain lower prices. Even if you do not need these products, you can stock up in the fridge. You shouldn’t miss these reasonable prices.

Nearly all pages have been browsed by me for you and I have selected the best deals and prices to help you for a good shopping. On this article , you will see the best ones when you read it. If you want to see the best ways to save your money , we can start ! Here you go !

This week only !

Cover page is drawing attention with product variety and cheaper prices ! Many types of products such as bakery , meat , frozen , drink , breakfast and snacks are available on this page. You will get what you want to buy for reasonable prices. However , you shouldn’t forget that these fair prices are valid until May 25 2017.

  • Fresh pork tenderloin or back ribs , $2.88 lb.
  • Rudolph’s bread , $1.88 ea.
  • Delissio pizza or Irresistibles pizza , $2.88 ea.
  • Belmont homestyle angus beef burgers , $6.88 ea.
  • Kraft peanut butter , $2.88 ea.
  • Irresistibles orange juice , $1.88 ea.
  • Kellogg’s corn flakes , $2.88 ea.
  • Gallo extra virgin olive oil , $5.88 ea.

Page 3 is full of delicious and fresh products. It is possible to reach the freshest fruit and vegetables when you go their stores. Moreover , they have lowered prices of these selections. Also , there is a beautiful flower on this page. Not only these , you will see some goodies such as pies , cookies , croissants. My favouite product is Selection english muffins for $1.79.Food Basics Flyer May 24 2017

Produce ;

  • Seedless cucumbers , $0.98 ea.
  • Romaine hearts , $2.98 ea.
  • Mandora tangerines , $0.98 lb.
  • Bosc pears , $0.98 lb.
  • Sweet assorted peppers , $2.98
  • Sliced white or cremini mushrooms , $1.88 ea.

Bakery ;

  • Irresistibles fully baked pies , $5.99 ea.
  • Selection mini tarts , $1.99 ea.
  • Dempster’s whole grains bread or bagels , $2.99 ea.
  • Irresistibles muffins , $2.99 ea.
  • Selection donuts or pies , $1.79 ea.

It is time to grill the favourite meat in the backyard ! Various meat options such as lean ground beef , chicken breast , boneless pork combination chops and more are sale on page 4. Particulary , you must focus on Fresh seasoned beef striploin steaks two pack for $10.00. Moreover,you will come across good offers that you can save up to $3.00. Benefit these prices !Food Basics Flyer May 24 2017

Also , some seafood selections are featured on page 4. You should consume seafood regularly for your health. Their selections are quite good as well as their prices. If you want to pay less for these you should visit Food Basics store.

Meat ;

  • Legacy cured boneless pork loin , $2.99 lb.
  • Lean ground beef and pork blend family pack , $4.29 lb.
  • Boneless skinless seasoned chicken breast , $2.49 lb.
  • Prime extra lean ground chicken or turkey , $5.99 ea.
  • Maple leaf top dogs wieners , $2.99 ea.
  • Maple lodge or Zabiha halal chicken wieners , 2 for $3.00

Seafood ;

  • Ocean eclipse salmon burger or fish fillets , $0.99 ea.
  • Clover leaf surimi , $2.99 ea.
  • High liner family pack , $4.99
  • Irresistibles bacon wrapped shrimp , $7.99
  • Marina del rey argentinean shrimp , $7.99

You can check other pages , if you want to see more details about this flyer. Here you go !