Metro Flyer January 15 2017 With Printable Coupons

Do yourself a favor to get great quality and super fresh selection for weekly shopping at lower prices on Metro Flyer January 15 2017 with their special printable coupons ! Nearly all products are on discounts in their stores. You can reach what you need related to basic kitchen food easily. More alternatives , reasonable prices and good offers are always available on their flyer. You decide how much you will save on this week for weekly shopping. Find your favourite products and enjoy doing weekly shopping with their special deals and the best prices thanks to them!Metro Flyer January 15 2017 With Printable Coupons

First of all, I will talk about their amazing printable coupons. You can redeem these coupons and you can save more. Metro are available on 3 good printable coupons which are ready to serve soups , cookies and swiss fondue. You will save maximum $4.00 when you redeem all. Why would you pay much while you can use printable coupons? Let’s browse them ;

All printable coupons were listed ;

  • When you 2 purchase of Cambell’s ready to serve soups , you will save $2.00 (expires on 06/02/17)
  • If you buy Irresistibles cookies , you can save $1.00 (expires on 18/01/17)
  • Buy Irresistibles swiss fondue and catch up good savings up to $1.00  (expires on 18/01/17)

You can have also great options to reduce to cost of weekly shopping on their new flyer. Pretty wide range of high quality and super fresh products are available on this flyer. Their offers and fair prices will draw your attention when you check it out. Many delicious and new tasting selection can be browsable Metro Flyer January 15 2017 With Printable Couponshere. Espeically , you should browse part of “Flavours of Italy”. Add a mediterranean taste on your table and make your whole family happy! Many types of cheese , pizza selections , drinks and canned goods are waiting for you to be discovered on page 6 and 7.

Some pages were browsed for you ;

Part of produce is promising material. It’s possible to reach fresh cut , organic , local products , floral and super fresh fruit and vegetables on this flyer. Selection of them is awesome. They select the best products for you. In summary , strawberries , broccoli , blueberries , gold kiwi , lemons , grape tomatoes , pears , apples , oranges , small fruit salads , organic clementines , tulips , red onions , sweet potatoes , cucumbers and many more are sale on page 2 and 3.

  • Extra large beefsteak tomatoes , $2.49
  • Mann’s sugar snap peas , $3.99
  • Sweet nantes carrots , $2.49
  • Gold kiwi or kiwi baskets , 2 for $5.00
  • Moro blood oranges , $5.99
  • Organic bosc or anjou pears , $2.99 lb

One of the best list of meat products can be browsable here ! Amazing offers for meat products that you can save up to $5.00 are featured on page 4. Their selection is pretty fresh. You will be satisfied when you buy some of them. Several types of halal products , seasonal fresh meats and well stuffed selection are available on this page. Let’s look at this page and catch up delicious meat products at cheaper prices.

  • Maple lodge fresh whole chicken , $3.49 lb
  • Red grill boneless top sirloin roast , $7.99 lb
  • New zealand boneless mediterranean lamb leg , $5.99
  • Fresh chicken breast scallopini fillets , $5.99 lb
  • Fresh stuffed pork tenderloin , $5.99
  • Red grill boneless cross rib roast , $5.99

Metro Flyer January 12 2017

Have you ever tried to save your money for your weekly shopping with Metro? If your answer is no , you shouldn’t miss special options of them on this week ! Don’t forget,you always deserve the best. This brand is one of the best Canadian store for a good weekly shopping. When you go there , you will have unique Metro Flyer January 12 2017shopping experience. Before you go there , you should be alert their new flyer to have an idea. On this week , Metro Flyer January 12 2017 introduces you exteremely huge list of awesome products! Find your favourite food and pay less money thanks to them. Some pages were browsed for you. Let’s check it out!

Check super fresh selections ;

Produce part of them is more different than other stores. Their product range is quite huge and you can reach these good looking products easily. You never see any bruised fruit or vegetables when you are looking for produce and you never see anything out of their stock. Many different products are available on page 2 and 3. Fresh cut , organic selections , super fresh vegetables , pretty vibrant fruit , local selections and beautiful florals are sale on these pages.

Strawberries , broccoli , blueberries , kiwi , lemons , grape tomatoes , pears , apples , cranberries , small fruit salads , romaine lettuce , cucumbers , sweet potatoes , black kale , carrots , red onions , spring bulbs and many more featured on these pages. Here you go! If you are looking for reasonable prices for healthy and fresh produce , here is correct address for you!

  • Ontario apples , $3.99 ea
  • Pom wonderful fresh pomegranate juice , $3.99
  • Small fruit salads , $4.99
  • Sweet nantes carrots , $2.49
  • Extra large beefsteak tomatoes , $2.49 lb
  • Sweet potatoes , $1.69 lb

Page 4 is full of fresh meat products. You can find many kind of meat selection at lower prices easily on this page. Moreover , amazing savings that you can save up to $5.00 /lb are available on this page. They always offer you the best ! For a nice dinner or barbecue party , you should get them. Their prices is pretty reasonable. Decide what you cook and get your needs on this flyer!

Boneless pork loin roast , boneless cross rib roast , boneless top sirloin roast , mediterranen lamb leg , halal whole chicken , chicken wings , chicken thighs , chicken breast , chicken drumsticks , lamb meatballs , club steak , breakfast sausages , wieners and more are sale on page 4.

  • Fresh stuffed chicken breast , $6.99 lb
  • Boneless stuffed pork loin chops , roast or pinwheel , $5.99 lb
  • Maple lodge chicken drumsticks , $3.49 lb
  • Red grill boneless top sirloin roast , $7.99 lb (Save $3.00 lb)
  • New zealand boneless mediterranean lamb leg , $5.99 (Save $5.00 lb)
  • Red grill boneless cross rib roast , $5.99 lb

Metro Flyer January 8 2017 With Coupons

Unique product range and extremely reasonable prices for your weekly shopping are waiting for you to be discovered on Metro Flyer January 8 2017. This flyer contains everything you can imagine related to basic kitchen products. You should get these products in the first week of the year when you have a plan Metro Flyer January 8 2017 With Couponsfor doing weekly shopping.

Each page contains a different part. Many parts such as produce , meat , seafood , bakery , lighter deli , breakfast , more great savings , eat well save more and new lower prices are available on this flyer. If you want to save your money and have a great shopping experience , you are awesome address ! Let’s see what you have on this flyer !

Some pages were checked for you ;

I especially want to give you some information and details about cover page of this flyer. This page is full of special opportunities ! Awesome saving options that you can save up to $7.50 are featured on this page. It’s possible to find many kind of products such as frozen foods , meat products , bakery , pharmacy , deli , cheese selections and seafood. I think , you should buy Janes pub style breaded chicken for $5.99. If you buy it , you will save $7.00

  • Irresistibles artisan classic black forest ham , 100g for $1.89
  • Extra lean ground beef value pack , $3.44 lb
  • Fresh boneless pork loin roast or value pack chops , $1.99 lb
  • Kraft cheese slices or cheez whiz , $2.99 ea
  • High liner signature packs or captain’s crew , 1/2 price
  • Fresh rainbow trout or tilapia fillets , $7.99

Super fresh meat selections such as stewing beef cubes , chicken drumsticks , red grill outside round roast , boneless stuffed pork loin chops , pork picnic shoulder , boneless pork leg steak , whole pork shoulder , fresh lamb shoulder chops , chicken wings , fresh stuffed zucchini are featured on page 4. In my opinion , the best savings is for Boneless stuffed pork loin chops , roast or pinwheels at $2.99 lb. When you buy it , you can save $4.00 lb.

  • Boneless tenderized pork leg value pack , $4.99 lb
  • Boneless pork shoulder blade roast , $3.49 lb
  • New zealand fresh lamb shoulder chops value pack , $4.99 lb
  • Red grill boneless tenderized hip steak , $4.99 lb
  • Maple lodge fresh split chicken wings , $4.99 lb
  • Boneless pork leg steak , $3.99 lb

Catch up other special way to reduce to cost of weekly shopping. You have also great alternative to save your money. Metro offers you 3 special printable coupons. Before you go to shopping for weekly shopping , you should browse their coupons. Their coupons are available on ground coffee , cream cheese and ready to serve soup. You can save maximum $4.00 if you redeem all coupons.Metro Flyer January 8 2017 With Coupons

Let’s check good coupons ;

  • When any purchase of Irresistibles ground coffee tin or single k-cups , you can save $1.00
  • You will save $1.00 when you buy Irresistibles or Selection cream cheese
  • If you buy 2 Campbell’s ready to serve soups , you can save $2.00

If you want to save more and reach more details or informations , you should check all pages of this flyer. Enjoy !


Metro Flyer January 5 2017

Metro Flyer January 5 2017 carries you the newest opportunities of the year including new prices and product list and reasonable prices ! Catch up advantages of this new flyer and start saving your money !

Check the newest list of Metro for weekly shopping ;Metro Flyer January 5 2017

Fresh product range and good looking produce are available on pages 2 and 3. You can reach fresh cut , organic vegetables or fruit , floral and super fresh local selection at fair prices ! If you are looking for healthy products , you are correct place! In summary , let’s look at what we have on part produce. Oranges , grapefruits , blueberries , avocados , nectarines , pears , lemons , papaya , goldenberries , sweet peppers , eggplant , zucchini , cucumbers , potatoes , broccoli crowns , green beans , garlic , sweet onions and more sale on these pages.

  • Small fresh salads , $3.99 (Save $1.00)
  • Organic attitude salads , $4.49 ea
  • Organic red delicious apples , $4.99
  • Red , orange or yellow sweet peppers , $2.99 lb
  • Green sweet peppers , $1.99 lb
  • Spring bulbs , $4.99 (Save $1.00)

Part of bakery is full of delicious and new tasting selection. There are several goodies such as cakes , cookies , fruit bread , mini tarts , macarons , muffins , snacks and more. You can also find many types of bread. Their prices are pretty good. If you need some , you should benefit these prices! Let’s look at what you have part of bakery. Especially, you should browse section of Front Street Bakery.

  • Mini dessert cakes , $6.99 ea
  • Front street bakery extra cheddar cheese bread , $5.99
  • Silver hills bakery bread or bagels , $4.49 ea
  • Selection english muffins , 2 for $3.00
  • Dempster’s hot dog or hamburger buns , 2 for $5.00
  • Family pack cookies , $5.99

Metro Flyer January 2 2017 With Printable Coupons

Happy new year ! With the beginning of the new year, stores are starting to offer you new products and new prices. You come across the first oppportunities of the new year with Metro Flyer January 2 2017 on this post. Their product range is quite wide. You will reach Metro Flyer January 2 2016 With Printable Couponseverything you will imagine related to basic kitchen products such as fruit , vegetables , meat , seafood , snacks , drink , household , bakery , deli and more selection. This is one of the best addresses where you can find the best quality products at the most reasonable prices.

You have several ways to reduce to cost of weekly shopping. The first thing you need to do is check your needs in your fridge. Browsing flyers is the best way to reach your need easily. You can browse flyers of various brands and find the cheapest products. In addition , you should redeem printable coupons if you want to save more money. Metro offers you these 2 ways. Let’s check their flyer and printable coupons.

Check the newest coupons including great savings up to $1.00 ;

There are 4 awesome printable coupons to save your money. You can save maximum $3.00 if you redeem all coupons. Their coupons are available on ice cream , sparkling grape juice , snacks and bites. Benefit these coupons and save your money !

  • When any purchase of Irresistibles or Irresistibles life smart ice cream , you can save $1.00
  • You will save $1.00 if you buy Irresistibles sparkling grape juice
  • If you buy Crispers varieties , you can save $0.50
  • When you buy Bits and bites varieties , you will save $0.50

Let’s check other ways to save your money. I will give some important information about deals of perfect flyer. You can find whatever you want easily thanks to this special flyer. This flyer has totally 8 pages and it is full of awesome deals. Their selections are super fresh and greatMetro Flyer January 2 2016 With Printable Coupons quality. Here you go!

Some pages were checked for you ;

Cover page is great for consumers who are looking for good deals. Awesome savings up to $9.65 are featured on this new flyer. Croissants , boneless strip loin roast , pistachios , lobster tail , bacon , bread , vegetables , soft drinks , desserts , cheese , sour cream , orange juice , frozen pizza , mixed nuts , carbonated water and paper towels are sale on cover page. One of the best price on this page is $5.99 for Jumbo rock lobster tail. When you buy it , you will save $6.00

  • Summer fresh dips & hummus , (Buy one get one)
  • Nestle real dairy ice cream , $3.99 (Save $3.50)
  • Sealtest sour cream , $0.99 (Save $2.00)
  • Dr.oetker frozen pizza , $2.99 (Save $3.50)
  • Perrier or San pellegrino carbonated water , $11.99 (Save $5.50)
  • Cracker Barrel cheese bars , $5.99 (Save $3.50)

Last page of this flyer contains new lower prices on this week. Chicken wings , seafood selections , drinks , crackers , coffee whitener , cream cheese , potato chips , natural spring water , chocolate milk , canned vegetables , salad dressing , olive oil , napkins , cereal and many good selection are waiting for you at the cheapest prices !

  • Philadelphia cream cheese , $2.99 (Save $2.00)
  • Silk coffee whitener , $2.49 (Save $2.10)
  • Ocean spray juices or cocktails , $2.99 (Save $1.80)
  • Marina del rey ez peel raw shrimp , $5.99 (Save $4.00)
  • Irresistibles lasagna or Selection chicken wings , 2 for $12.00 (Save $7.98)
  • Beatrice chocolate milk , 2 for $3.00 (Save $2.98)