Safeway Flyer January 13 2017 Dollar Days

DOLLAR DAYS” starts here ! Many products you have used and your favourite selections are on discounts on Safeway Flyer January 13 2017 ! New prices ofSafeway Flyer January 13 2017 Dollar Days these products might surprise you. It is possible to reach every parts such as frozen foods , pharmacy , seafood , meat , cosmetics , super fresh produce for weekly shopping easily! Maybe you do not need these products, but these prices are unbeatable! First of all , browse all pages of this flyer and make a list of the products you will buy. Stocking is easy to make but saving is not always easy.

You have also special coupon that you can benefit only 3 days on cover page of this flyer. This coupon were checked for you. I will give you some information about this coupon. When you spend $50.00 or more on groceries in store , you will have awesome chance to save 20% off any 1 item of your choice! This deal is valid until Sunday , January 15. Redeem it and enjoy doing shopping !

When you browse on page 1 , you will come across good offers. If you buy any pizza at regular price and get the 2nd , 3rd or 4th for only $5.00 each ! There are three kinds of pizza which are hawaiian , four cheese and pepperoni.

If you want to save more and reach more great selections , you should check this awesome flyer. This flyer is really full of perfect options to save your money. It’s worth a look!

Some products were listed for you ;

  • Lean ground beef , $3.00 lb
  • Navel  oranges , $1.00 lb
  • Ocean’s light tuna , $1.00
  • Compliments balance flavoured , $1.00
  • Jamie oliver certified hurmane pork sausages , $1.00 off!
  • Snack pack pudding , $1.00
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