Metro Flyer January 12 2017

Have you ever tried to save your money for your weekly shopping with Metro? If your answer is no , you shouldn’t miss special options of them on this week ! Don’t forget,you always deserve the best. This brand is one of the best Canadian store for a good weekly shopping. When you go there , you will have unique Metro Flyer January 12 2017shopping experience. Before you go there , you should be alert their new flyer to have an idea. On this week , Metro Flyer January 12 2017 introduces you exteremely huge list of awesome products! Find your favourite food and pay less money thanks to them. Some pages were browsed for you. Let’s check it out!

Check super fresh selections ;

Produce part of them is more different than other stores. Their product range is quite huge and you can reach these good looking products easily. You never see any bruised fruit or vegetables when you are looking for produce and you never see anything out of their stock. Many different products are available on page 2 and 3. Fresh cut , organic selections , super fresh vegetables , pretty vibrant fruit , local selections and beautiful florals are sale on these pages.

Strawberries , broccoli , blueberries , kiwi , lemons , grape tomatoes , pears , apples , cranberries , small fruit salads , romaine lettuce , cucumbers , sweet potatoes , black kale , carrots , red onions , spring bulbs and many more featured on these pages. Here you go! If you are looking for reasonable prices for healthy and fresh produce , here is correct address for you!

  • Ontario apples , $3.99 ea
  • Pom wonderful fresh pomegranate juice , $3.99
  • Small fruit salads , $4.99
  • Sweet nantes carrots , $2.49
  • Extra large beefsteak tomatoes , $2.49 lb
  • Sweet potatoes , $1.69 lb

Page 4 is full of fresh meat products. You can find many kind of meat selection at lower prices easily on this page. Moreover , amazing savings that you can save up to $5.00 /lb are available on this page. They always offer you the best ! For a nice dinner or barbecue party , you should get them. Their prices is pretty reasonable. Decide what you cook and get your needs on this flyer!

Boneless pork loin roast , boneless cross rib roast , boneless top sirloin roast , mediterranen lamb leg , halal whole chicken , chicken wings , chicken thighs , chicken breast , chicken drumsticks , lamb meatballs , club steak , breakfast sausages , wieners and more are sale on page 4.

  • Fresh stuffed chicken breast , $6.99 lb
  • Boneless stuffed pork loin chops , roast or pinwheel , $5.99 lb
  • Maple lodge chicken drumsticks , $3.49 lb
  • Red grill boneless top sirloin roast , $7.99 lb (Save $3.00 lb)
  • New zealand boneless mediterranean lamb leg , $5.99 (Save $5.00 lb)
  • Red grill boneless cross rib roast , $5.99 lb
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