Metro Flyer February 10 2017 Valentine’s Day

Here can be your address to reduce to cost of weekly shopping on this week ! Let’s enjoy finding your weekly essentials at lower prices with awesome list of Metro Flyer February 10 2017 ! Many new products were offered by them for you for the first time on this week. One of them is imported parmigiano reggiano cheese. It really looks good. If you want to discover new taste , you should try this. It’s only $2.99 (100g.) You can also save up to $1.50 /100g. when you buy it.

Let’s check what you have on this flyer for Valentine’s Day !

It is possible to reach many special alternatives for Valentine’s Day on this special flyer. Many good selections that your loved one deserves such as many chocolate box , cakes and valentine’s cards can be found at fair prices on this flyer. In addition , there are many offers that should not be missed here. For example ; When you buy any 2 Carlton Cards , you will save up to $2.00. Don’t forget that this deal is valid until February 15 , 2017.Metro Flyer February 10 2017 Valentine's Day

You can also see delicious and good looking cake recipes for Valentine’s Day. It’s easy to prepare. You can make this special cake and you can surprise and make loved one happy. It is always more valuable to give labor and prepare something with your own hand. Let’s browse it and have fun while making !

  • Hershey’s valentine’s milk chocolate kisses , $4.49
  • Roca valentine’s gift mug , $8.99
  • Russell stover valentine’s heart chocolates , $4.99
  • Pillbury valentines cookies , $3.99
  • Irresistibles caramel liquid gold bar chocolates , $5.99
  • Valentine’s cards , $2.99
  • Storck merci european chocolates , $10.99

Look at good looking floral selection !

If you are looking for some beautiful floral , you will find them here ! One of the best ways to influence women is to give them good looking flowers. Make her a nice gesture and choose one of these beautiful flowers for her. They guaranteed their florals for 10 days. Let’s look at them and get your favorite one at cheaper prices.

  • Mixed bouquets , $16.99 ea.
  • Tulips , $12.00 ea.
  • Premium orchids , $19.99 ea.
  • Premium roses or kenyan roses , $16.99 ea.
  • Irresistibles large gerbera bouquet , $14.99 ea.
  • 6 roses with teddy bear arrangement or 12-stem roses in vase , $34.99 ea.
  • Mixed bouquet , $29.99 ea.
  • One or two dozen roses , $44.99 ea.
  • Premium long stem roses , $39.99 ea.
  • Glass vase floral arrangement with & roses , $24.99 ea.

If you want to browse regular foods selection and more deals for weekly shopping , you should check all pages. You will come across many amazing offers and reasonable prices for high quality and super fresh products on this flyer. Here you go !

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