Highland Farms Flyer February 12 2017

Let’s enjoy discovering extraordinary and new tastes recipe with Highland Farms Flyer February 12 2017. Desserts, international dishes, meats, pastas, Highland Farms Flyer February 12 2017poultry, seafood and more waiting for you. You will be surprise about plenty choice. More than two hundred recipes on now. They don’t offer only food. They provide fresh ideas too. You should browse special dinner varieties. Also in freezer you can find frozen entrees or bread and artisan bread at bakery rayon. Freshly made and ready to be service baked goods would be good choice if you don’t have time to prepare something. Just visit and buy your favourite at reasonable prices.

Check delicious selection for Valentine’s Day ;

In addition , they introduce you good looking specials for Valentine’s Day on part of bakery. If you are looking for some goodies such as cakes , bagels or brownies , you should check on page 2 of this fabulous flyer. Especially , Dufflet pastries fresh 6″ strawberry mousse heart cake will draw your attention. It’s only $13.99 ea.

  • Baker street fresh 8 inch red velvet cheesecake , $21.99 ea.
  • Baked in-store premium bagels selected varities , 6 for $2.99
  • Original two-bite brownies , $2.99

Part of produce is also awesome. If you are in search for super fresh and vibrant fruit or vegetables , you will find whatever you want on page 1. Honeydew melons , peppers , kiwi , tomatoes , romaine hearts , mangos , zucchini , celery , avocados and more can be found at fair prices.

  • Red navel oranges , $1.49 lb
  • Roma tomatoes , $0.99 lb
  • Sweet red peppers , $1.49 lb
  • Abate pears , $1.99 lb
  • Andy boy romaine hearts , $2.99 (pkg of 3)
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