Best Buy Flyer Asus ROG Strix Black Friday Deal

Best Buy Flyer Asus ROG Strix Black Friday Deal available to check here online. NVIDIA now has a share of more than 90% in the external GPU market on notebooks. This is an incredible figure. The company has started to achieve this goal in the 700M and 800M series. The most important factor here is the “rebranding” approach AMD has been pursuing for years. Optimizing the same GPU slightly and trying to sell it again was not welcomed by both producers and consumers. Many users are still trying to figure out how I bought a laptop computer and how the 6000M series graphics card is 7000M after the driver update. As if all this was not enough, AMD’s users in the field of “Switchable Graphics” were almost out of the question. Of course, NVIDIA’s Optimus solution is not perfect, but it’s a fact that it works much better than Interchangeable Graphics.


Best Buy Flyer Asus ROG Strix Black Friday Deal


AMD has a good opportunity to return to the notebook market with the new Rx series. But here we see that NVIDIA is back on power consumption. This is a negative situation for notebook PCs where battery life is important. It is said that the firm has made improvements in this regard. It will take time for us to see how truthful it is, but it is a fact that AMD’s strong ties with Apple give the firm at least the opportunity to offer its products here. We see that the new Skylake MacBook models do not have an external graphics processor other than Polaris. this computer is only 2.34 Kg in weight and 30 mm thick. Not many, but three years ago, thick and cumbersome performance laptop computers are now much lighter and sleeker. In addition to these, Gysnc-powered panels, much faster storage units and more powerful processors are waiting for us with new player laptops.


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ASUS is using a storage that is worthy of the ROG series. The SM951 PCI Express 3.0 x4 M.2 SSD, an OEM version of Samsung’s 950 PRO, offers incredible speeds. Moreover, SSD does not have a 128 GB approach. With 256 GB capacity, you can load many games into your SSD. In terms of performance, there are enormous numbers: Writing: 2,150MB / s Reading: 1,260MB / s. We reached these numbers promised in the tests we made. Additional storage capacity is also considered. For this, the device also features a hard disk running at 7200 rpm of 1 TB. This disc is Hitachi’s Travelstar 7K1000 series, a puncture-proof model. You can replace both this disc and the SSD with the higher models. The GL502VS is confronted as a successful blend of Skylake and Pascal. Although it offers performance below our expectation of CPU temperature, we see that the 1080p panel is a bottleneck for the product when it comes to game performance. At 1440P, you can open the highest settings off your eyes. In addition to all these, the GL502VS is an attractive feature in the product’s whiteness and lightness.

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