Best Buy Flyer Nikon Coolpix B500 Black Friday Deal

Best Buy Flyer Nikon Coolpix B500 Black Friday Deal available to check here online. Get the dizzying picture quality in a simple way with the Nikon COOLPIX B500. Discover the power of the NIKKOR 40x optical zoom (80x Dynamic Fine Zoom’¹ expandable), which takes you to the heart of the action, supporting extraordinary stability with side zoom control. Capture a unique perspective with a high-definition, right-angled LCD screen, catch back easily with the back step zoom button, and keep your smart device connected to your camera with SnapBridge. Intuitive operation simplifies shooting and frequently used functions can be accessed via the dial control dial; Moreover, the classic design provides a comfortable grip feeling. The 16-megapixel COOLPIX B500 helps you capture life in a creative way. Enjoy the ease of use by focusing on the creative composition with the comfort of knowing that you will get great results. Thanks to the toggle button, frequently used functions are at your fingertips, and with many features, it’s easy to capture your travels or impressive Full HD movies (1080p / 60i) and extraordinary photos from your mobile phone, such as star sight or bird watching.


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With 16 Megapixels and a high-efficiency Backlit CMOS sensor, you never have to get the pictures you want, and your camera will work with the AA batteries you can find all over the world, so you can keep going wherever you go. Capture all the action at sporting events with the expandable NIKKOR 40x optical zoom lens in the 80x Dynamic Fine Zoom, capture distant subjects with great clarity in the city environment, or capture stunningly sharp images of moon and night skies. With reliable NIKKOR optics delivering superior performance, you can take advantage of a powerful lens that covers between wide angle 22.5 mm and super telephoto 900 mm viewing angles in a compact camera. The most important factor in obtaining clear images is the fixedness of the camera. Since High-Performance VR effectively suppresses blur caused by camera shake even at full 40x zoom, you take sharp pictures every time. The lens shift VR effect is equivalent to a 3.0 pause increase in shutter speed (according to CIPA Standard, at the maximum telephoto position), and the easy grip allows the camera to remain stationary. SnapBridge provides a continuous, low-power connection between your camera and your smartphone or tablet, giving you easy control over your photography life. Now, when you take a photo, you can synchronize your images with your smartphone, instantly share photos of Nikon quality.


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You can also control the functions of your camera from your phone, keep your camera up to date and benefit from many more features. Customize your shooting experience by setting up your favorite functions such as Auto, Scene Mode or Sports from the dial control button on top of your camera for easy access. Changing the settings later turns into a simply intuitive process, making shooting a lot easier. Full HD (1080p / 60i) movies with the help of a high-performance 4-axis Combined Vibration Reduction (VR) feature that combines lens shift and Electronic VR to effectively counteract camera shake and effectively reduce blur even at full 40x optical zoom blurred videos say goodbye forever. Impress your friends by filming family celebrations, concerts, or movies of wildlife in crystal clear detail that is clearly captured no matter how far away you are, and the record still images during filming. Enjoy the ease of shooting with a right-angled screen that has a wide picture angle that simplifies creative compositions and makes sure you get exactly what’s in the frame. Capture still images and movies from many different angles that provide flexibility for any type of subject. Because the high definition display consumes very little power, you will have a long battery life so you can continue shooting when you need it the most. Provides sharp color reproduction and excellent visibility even when viewed from a diagonal direction. The anti-glare coating and non-fingerprint acrylic coating ensure a clear image all the time and the 5-level brightness adjustment function provides superior visibility when viewing images on sunny days. Your camera has an extremely portable body, designed for an ergonomically stable grip (approximately 113.5 (W) x 78.3 (H) x 94.9 (D)) and sit comfortably in your hand. In addition to its high performance, it has a classic design with a low weight of about 542 g with a battery and SD card.

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