Walmart Flyer PlayStation VR Deal

Walmart Flyer PlayStation VR Deal available to check here online! When VR technology was first mentioned, it was just a dream for most of the players. But with the development of AR and VR technologies, these dreams have begun to turn into reality. The VR adventure, which started with Oculus, had some unsuccessful or amateur examples in the first place, but eventually came to a tangible point. The biggest competitor to the Vice equipment that the PC platform has in the HTC-Valve partnership comes from Sony itself: PlayStation VR.


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Thanks to the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, the PC gamers have experienced the VR experience at the top, and the console users are a bit nervous. At this point, Sony has developed the PlayStation VR and re-invented the PlayStation 4 users’ interest. Especially the biggest rival Microsoft – the lack of this kind of technology other than the Kinect, which is not properly held on the Xbox One wing, has made Sony PS4 users well connected and earned their respect. With the PlayStation VR, the experience provided by VR equipment, which now requires high hardware on the PC platform, can easily meet the needs of players with just one PlayStation 4. Batman, Call of Duty, Star Wars: Battlefront, and other big productions support this technology is also a positive point.

Installation of PlayStation VR

I can say that there is no cable clutter like HTC Vive. Absolutely easy! It’s easy to connect the PlayStation VR to the PS4 thanks to its ergonomic design, excellent compatibility with the PS4 family, and cables with styled instructions that even a baby can understand. However, I can say that the head of the VR is not much “plug-and-play”. The console connection is easy, but you need to make some fine adjustments after you’ve installed your head cap. I can think of the setup of the PS VR headset, where you sit properly with your head back and forth commands, wearing a hat. Also, unlike HTC Vive, which puts it in a bulky and heavy point, the PS VR head is sitting evenly on your head and releasing the weight in a balanced way. Walmart Flyer PlayStation VR Deal good guide for you.

“It’s easy to connect the PlayStation VR to the PS4, thanks to ergonomic design, excellent compatibility with the PS4 family, and cables with instructions from a genius that even a baby can understand.”

We got the headline. What about comfort? The soft but cool rubbers that fit inside the Playstation VR headboard and usually come to the eye-to-nose areas give you a quality sense, but also save you from the weight of your head. So after a few hours of using a PS VR, you do not feel any pain or numbness in your face. Sony is also devoting the same quality of equipment to human health. If you also hold down the “Down” button for about 2 seconds looking at the “Settings” menu, the PS VR is fine-tuning for your head. After a short period of dizziness, I can say that you are in the best position and viewpoint for you. Plus, PS VR’s large internal volume makes it possible to wear glasses!

Of course, the PlayStation VR also has some negative points. You set it up in your console, you found the optimal setting and you start playing. After about half an hour of experience, you know that the band on your head is slowly shifting, and that the setting you are in is beginning to deteriorate. At this point, the gaming experience is completely undercut. To avoid blurring the picture, you need to stop the game and re-adjust the band from the “Quick settings” menu. Of course, you should use your hands to restore the physical position of the band to the most appropriate position in your head. A little trouble!


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If we come to your position on the screen, you might have some problems related to the lights. The VR title works in tandem with the PlayStation Camera on the PS4 and the DualShock 4 you have in your hand so that you can see your body partially on your PlayStation VR screen. If the devices that communicate with each other through the lights they send to each other enter a lot of sunlight into the room during the daytime, it can negatively affect your gaming experience. For this reason, make sure the room does not get too much light. However, if there is nothing you can do for sunlight, I can give you an alternative solution. There is a section on the VR’s menu titled “Confirm Your Location”. Here are the lights perceived by buyers. If you remove the lights outside the PlayStation VR – Camera – DualShock 4 triple, you will see that your gaming experience has become relatively better.

The environment you’re in does not have to be too big. Extremely moving games like HTC Vive or Xbox Kinect do not play. The distance with the PlayStation Camera is only about 2 meters. The PlayStation VR supports two different controllers depending on demand. Whether you use the PS Move controllers or the DualShock 4, you can use the PlayStation VR. The experience both of them are in the upper level and their sensitivity is very good. Nevertheless, it will be useful to use the DualShock 4 while playing the games we have been using. I tried the London Heist game on PlayStation VR. Everything from a gripping feeling to a shooting and kickback feeling during a task was quite realistic. The vibrations and feedback that the controllers send to your body are great. It’s not just about guns. In Danger Ball I could easily hit the ball right above the base with a slight head motion.

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