Walmart Flyer FitBit Alta HR Review

The Fitbit brand offers us a stylish wristband that can be worn with a heart rate monitor designed for day-to-day and fashion. Fitbit; Charge 2 is one of the leading names for fitness wristbands such as Blaze, Flex 2 and Alta series. The Fitbit Alta HR model is a higher version of the Fitbit Alta model available in over a decade’s market. What is the difference? This model features such as heart rate monitor, sleep timer and automatic activity monitoring. The previous model was $ 130 but certainly deserves $ 20 more than the difference; This model should be selected specifically for this. In addition to specific colors, you can also buy special edition “black gunmetal or rose gold” colors. The Fitbit Alta HR design is very thin and has a screen structure that can be separated from the cord. The Fitbit Alta HR model, which has a very stylish design within this model Fitbit models, is exempt from any disturbing construction using a different material.


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If you are more formal with the sporty look of the cord or straps, there are also designs with leather options. The feeling of falling from the wrist of the Fitbit Alta model, that of the previous version, was giving you insecurity, but in this new model all these complaints seem to have disappeared. This wristband is very comfortable to use and you will see for yourself that it is the most comfortable and stylish among the Fitbit models over time. Our screen touch is of course, but you have to touch the screen to see your statistics, and there are no buttons at the side and it is said that the reaction of these touches is sometimes difficult. So, it is sometimes difficult to open the screen and see things, so I do not use them. With the automatic fitness watch feature, we can start our wristbands without having to start the exercises. So when we go for a walk, for example, Fitbit Alta HR will notice and start recording.


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Bike riding and jogging activities will be followed in the same way as I mentioned. Just like other wrists, there is also the application of Fitbit Alta HR. We can get our current information (height, weight, age, sex, etc.) and general health information by making the application necessary (PC, phone, tablet etc.). We can also learn heart rate during heart rate activity during the day or during normal times with the HR (Heart Rate) feature. All this information in the light again like other wristbands, this application can give us information about what we need to do in which direction. For example, if we force ourselves in some activities, the pulse can warn us if the pulse travels too high. Alta HR can also monitor your heart rate during the night to see your night’s sleep in full, so you can watch the duration of your sleep in REM, light sleep or heavy sleep, so you can watch how good your night is.


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Any technology designed for 24-hour day and night use requires a powerful battery, so a seven-day battery life is promised on the Fitbit Alta HR. You will use Fitbit to see your statistics in detail. The application will be compatible with Android, IOS and Windows Phone operating systems. The fitbit application provides all the information clearly and gives you a complete look as much as possible. Fitbit Alta HR I do not recommend it to anyone but I will recommend it, but not after the market arrives three or five months later. Because I think it would be a mistake to make an early decision for a device that has not been marketed yet. Still, there is no doubt that this model will be pre-emptive when it comes to the Fitbit brand, which has a smaller design than the Blaze and Charge 2 models and features such as a sleep timer and heart rate monitor.

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