Safeway Flyer February 12 2017

Safeway Flyer February 12 2017 featuring special dinner and delicious dessert selections for Valentine’s Day introduces you pretty reasonable prices on this Safeway Flyer February 12 2017week ! You will reach great saving options up to $8.70 for selected products when you browse this awesome flyer. It is possible to find most part related to weekly shopping such as produce , meat , frozen selection , dairy , household , bakery , drinks , deli , seafood and more. You have more way to reduce to cost of weekly shopping than one. I will tell you some information about their opportunities.

When you browse coverpage , you will see 2 perfect coupons. When you spend $95 in a single transaction , you will save $10 thanks to this coupon or when you redeem other coupon , you will get 95 air miles bonus miles.

In addition, many special floral selections are available on this flyer. Get one of these beautiful selections for loved one and make her happy on Valentine’s Day ! 12 stem premium roses , rose & alstromeria bouquet , premium roses , valentine’s bouquets , bouquet to go , cut flower bunches , chocolate selections , cupcakes and Valentine’s pizza can be found at lower prices !

Let’s look at specials for Valentine’s Day ;

  • Heart shape strawberry shortcake , $2.00 OFF.
  • Rose & alstromeria bouquet , $26.99 ea.
  • White & red velvet marble heart cake , $5.99 ea.
  • Lindt lindor present box milk valentine , $5.49 ea.
  • Russell stover Valentine photo heart , $1.99 ea.

Safeway Flyer February 5 2017

Many options such as various deals , super fresh and quality selection , the best products range and fair prices for all of them can be regularly found here ! You have awesome chances that you can earn extra 10% their already low prices or 20x base air miles reward miles on this week thanks to them. Selection of them is also perfect again. You can reach whatever you need for weekly shopping on Safeway Flyer February 5 2017.

Safeway Flyer February 5 2017Look at specials for Valentine’s Day ;

Also , you will come across many specials for Valentine’s day. Variety of packaged soft drinks , frozen selections and popular drinks can be browsable here. Moreover , you will pay less for them. It’s possible to find perfect options that you will save up to $2.33. One of the best offers is Delissio rustico or thin crispy crust pizza for $3.33. When any purchase of it , you can save $1.66.

  • Coke or pepsi products , 3 for $10.98 (Save $2.33)
  • Sunrype unsweerened apple juice , $0.99 (Save $0.88)
  • Lucerne sour cream , $0.99 (Save $0.80)
  • General mills cheerios , $3.99 (Save $0.99)

They have lowered 1000’s of everyday prices on this week ! Many kind of good selections are available on page 1. You will reach the best prices and products. Pickles , natural honey , waffles and frozen oil are sale on this page. These products are on discounts. If you have lack of some , you should benefit these prices. In addition , under the page 1 , you will see “Buy more Save more”. For example ; When you buy 2 or more Pace salsa , you will save $0.50 !

  • Johnsonville mini smoked sausage , $2.49
  • Compliments brie , $5.49
  • Broccoli cheddar ham pasta salad , $1.49
  • Blue monkey 100% coconut water , 2 for $3.00
  • Crunch’n munch caramel corn , $0.99
  • Head & shoulders shampoo or conditioner , $5.49

For more details and information , you shouldn’t forget that browse all pages of this flyer !

CaFlyers Welcomes You With New Theme and Features

From now on, will serve you with its new theme and features ! With its new theme, now more capable, flexible and easy to use. Now lets check out the best features and new skills of our new theme !

New Theme and Features1

Fist, lets check out the new left sidebar named “1”. In it, you can easily navigate around the retailers and you can customly search your store in “Search in Retailers” section shown and marked red in bellow image;

With this feature, you can have more flexibility to search any retailers and now this task is easier than ever. Now lets focus on the right side of our main page named section “2”. In it, you can see the popular retailers in one place. With this feature, you can see and browse the best retailers and flyers with just one click.  In section “3” you will see the “SUBSCRIBE” button and with it you can subscribe our news teller for daily deal alerts and brand new flyers.  In section “4”, you will see our new flyer carousel  and with it, you can easily see and select the newest flyers.

Flyer View and Feedbacks

We also changed our flyer view screen with more easy to use and eye friendly version, so feel free to check it out too ! And please give us feedback for creating more user friendly environment, just for you and your needs.  You can mail us for feedbacks and subscribe our news teller for more news and improvements.

Safeway Flyer January 13 2017 Dollar Days

DOLLAR DAYS” starts here ! Many products you have used and your favourite selections are on discounts on Safeway Flyer January 13 2017 ! New prices ofSafeway Flyer January 13 2017 Dollar Days these products might surprise you. It is possible to reach every parts such as frozen foods , pharmacy , seafood , meat , cosmetics , super fresh produce for weekly shopping easily! Maybe you do not need these products, but these prices are unbeatable! First of all , browse all pages of this flyer and make a list of the products you will buy. Stocking is easy to make but saving is not always easy.

You have also special coupon that you can benefit only 3 days on cover page of this flyer. This coupon were checked for you. I will give you some information about this coupon. When you spend $50.00 or more on groceries in store , you will have awesome chance to save 20% off any 1 item of your choice! This deal is valid until Sunday , January 15. Redeem it and enjoy doing shopping !

When you browse on page 1 , you will come across good offers. If you buy any pizza at regular price and get the 2nd , 3rd or 4th for only $5.00 each ! There are three kinds of pizza which are hawaiian , four cheese and pepperoni.

If you want to save more and reach more great selections , you should check this awesome flyer. This flyer is really full of perfect options to save your money. It’s worth a look!

Some products were listed for you ;

  • Lean ground beef , $3.00 lb
  • Navel  oranges , $1.00 lb
  • Ocean’s light tuna , $1.00
  • Compliments balance flavoured , $1.00
  • Jamie oliver certified hurmane pork sausages , $1.00 off!
  • Snack pack pudding , $1.00

Safeway Flyer January 9 2017

The best solutions to reach super fresh and high quality selection at cheaper prices are waiting for you on Safeway Flyer January 9 2017 ! I want to give you Safeway Flyer January 9 2017some details and informations about part of Seafood , breakfast and “Year Of The Rooster” . Seafood section contains pretty special and super fresh selection. Wild sockeye salmon steaks , cooked or raw shrimp , sockeye lox , tilapia or cod crusted fillets and salmon fillets are sale on page 6. You will come across good deals when you check this page. When you buy a Compliments balance cod fillets , you will get 1 FREE !

Let’s look at part of breakfast on this flyer ;

There are many products that are essential for breakfast. Crunch bars , spread , coffee , juice , tea , milk and many selection are available on page 11. Their prices are more cheaper than others. You have also good offers on this page. When you buy 4 any specified products which are cereal , granola bars , fruit snacks or yogourt , you will get a 4 L Lucerne milk FREE !

  • Quaker harvest crunch bars , $2.99
  • General mills oatmeal crisp , $4.49
  • Maxwell house coffee , $8.99
  • Nutella spread , $5.99
  • Sensations by compliments k-cup colombian medium , $5.39
  • Tetley tea , $2.69

You should also browse on page 10. Many specials for “Year Of The Rooster” are waiting for you to be discovered ! Many etchnic and delicious selections are featured on this part. Let’s check it out and start saving your money when you explore new tasting products.

  • Dragon fruit , $3.28
  • Young duck , $3.48 lb
  • Asian yellow pears , $1.28
  • Crisco vegetable oil , $5.88
  • Thai kitchen coconut milk , $2.98
  • Vh sauce , $2.98