Safeway Flyer April 17 2017

It is awesome time to catch up advantages of Safeway for a nice weekly shopping ! The most delicious selections , super fresh products , popular snacks or drinks , healthy produce and more are waiting for you to be purchased with reasonable prices here ! You should always be alert with their new solutions to reduce to cost of weekly shopping. They always offer you the best options to pay less every week. On this week , Safeway Flyer April 17 2017 contains many specials too. Let’s look at what you have and find your favourites at fair prices.Safeway Flyer April 17 2017

“Better Food Starts Here”

You can find every needs related to essentials for your kitchen on this flyer easily. Produce , frozen , meat , seafood , canned goods , snacks , drinks , household , bakery and many Easter specials can be found here at lower prices. If you are ready , I will give you good advice about opportunities of this flyer. Here you go !

You shouldn’t miss prices of cover page. Up to $6.00 savings are available on this page. Many types of products can be browsable here. If you want to save more and you want to reach the best , here is good place for you. I think , especially you should focus on Top sirloin grilling steak for $4.97 lb. This is limited products. You can get a maximum of 2 from this product.

Coverpage ;

  • Fresh atlantic salmon fillet , 100 g for $2.99.
  • Extra large green , red , black seedless or globe grapes , $2.49 lb.
  • Tropicana orange juice , $4.99 (Save $2.30)
  • Best Buy cheese , $7.99
  • Royale bathroom tissue , $4.99 (Save $4.00)
  • Tide liquid laundry detergent , $9.99 (Save $6.00)

Part of Easter can draw your attention with their perfect and good looking selections. Many delicious seafood and meat selections , popular chips , sauces and many more are featured on page 1. Moreover , you will see good deals when you browse this page. I want to tell you good offers of this page.Safeway Flyer April 17 2017

For example , when you buy Family easter dinner including Roasted turkey breast or Maple cured ham and 2 sides which are Reser’s or Main street assorted varities , you will get a Hot cross buns FREE ! Also, If you buy a Stonemill kitchens dips , you will get one FREE !

Easter favourites ;

  • Yams , $0.89 lb.
  • Canadian Lobster tails , $6.99
  • Sensations spiral sliced honey ham , $3.99 lb.
  • Compliments shrimp ring , $8.99
  • Mclarens sweet gherkins , $2.99 (buy 2 or more)
  • Walter ceaser mix , $5.99
  • Miss vickie’s potato chips , 2 for $7.00
  • Smoked salmon fingers chunks or nuggets , $4.49

If you are looking for super fresh and natural fruits or vegetables , Safeway is one of the best place for that in Canada. Moreover , They give you 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can get your money back if you are not satisfied! Various healthy selections such as salads , organics , natural drinks and more are waiting for you. You can check them on page 3.

Also , on page 4 is full of good looking many florals. Don’t forget that browse these beautiful selections. My favourite one is 5 stem field tulips for $2.99.

Produce ;Safeway Flyer April 17 2017

  • Red cluster tomatoes , $1.99 lb.
  • Romaine hearts , 3 pack for $2.99
  • Green bell peppers , $1.99 lb.
  • Organic girl , $3.99
  • California navel oranges , 10 lb bag for $8.99
  • Mini seedless watermelon , $3.99
  • Organic whole mushrooms , $3.49 lb.
  • Compliments organic herbs , $1.99


  • Premium roses , $19.99
  • 10-stem field daffodils , $1.99
  • Cut flowers bunches , $6.99
  • Seasonal bouquets , $19.99
  • 4 inch miltonia orchid , $34.99

A lot of fresh , halal certified and local meat products are on discount now ! They give 100% product satisfaction guarantee for them too. Selection of them is quite healty. As they said “raised without antibiotics”. If you are committed to getting meat products , you should benefit their good prices on this week. In my opinion , best ones on this week is Fresh rack of lamb for $19.99 lb !Safeway Flyer April 17 2017

Meat ;

  • Fresh leg of lamb roast , $7.99 lb.
  • Beef simmering short ribs , $6.99 lb.
  • Sterling silver sirloin tip marinating steak , $6.99 lb.
  • Sensations chicken breast , $4.49 lb.
  • Pork loin centre chops , $4.49 lb.
  • Greenfield pork tenderloin , $6.99 lb.
  • Sunrise farms boneless skinless chicken breast , $8.99 lb
  • Pork side ribs , $3.99 lb.

If you want to reach more information , details and more deals , you can check other pages of this flyer. You will find more what you are in search for on this flyer. Check it out , find your needs and don’t exceed your budget.

Safeway Flyer April 2 2017

Safeway comes back with new deals on new Month ! On today’s Safeway Flyer April 2 2017, there are many good deals on products such as vegetables, meats, porks and organic foods. On this article, I will mainly focus on Organic Food section on today’s flyer because there are many good deals and health products in there such as tomatoes, lettuces, cucumbers, apples and so on. There is an article in our site about this subject in here, so if you are interested in organic foods and want to know about their benefits, facts, scientific research and many other stuff than you can check it out. Now, let’s see the best deals on organic foods on todays Safeway Flyer !

Organic Food Options

There are many good deals on today’s Safeway flyer, and especially in organic food section. So if you were looking for weekly supplies, and try to buy organic stuff as possible, than today’s Safeway Flyer is just for you. There are many good deals on other kind of products such as meats, porks etc. so if you were interested in that kind of stuff, than just click the right hand side image for whole flyer. Now, lets see de deals on organic foods ! Safeway Flyer April 2 2017

  • Organic Mushrooms, $1.99/each
  • Organic Grape Tomatoes, $2.99/each
  • Royal Gala Apples, $1.69/each
  • Sweet Onions, $0.99/each
  • Romain Lettuce $1.46/each

These are the deals on Organic Foods so if you need any of this items, than do not miss those deals on today’s Safeway flyer ! There are also many more deals on many other products so feel free to check those too. You can also subscribe our news teller for daily deals and newest flyers. See you on next deals !

Safeway Flyer March 29 2017

DOLLAR DAYS” has started here ! Unbeatable prices , special and new tasting selections , good deals and huge range of products are available on Safeway Flyer March 29 2017 ! They introduced you their new list that you can find what you are in search for related to regular foods at lower prices. They always offer you best product selections every week. High quality and super fresh products can be found easily in their stores.Safeway Flyer March 29 2017

In this article , I will try explaining all solutions for a good weekly shopping ! Nearly all products are on sale now. It is possible to reach discounted products every part of this flyer. If you want to save maximum , you should browse all pages of this special flyer. Here you go !

Let’s check what you have on this week !

First of all , I will start telling you good prices on cover page. Many different types of products such as fruit , meat , canned goods , sauces and snacks are sale on this page. When you see their prices , you will be suprised ! Their prices are pretty reasonable. If you are looking for some of them , you can benefit these incredible prices.

Fair prices were listed for you ;

  • Lean ground beef , $3.00 lb.
  • Sensations whole frying chicken , $2.00 lb.
  • Strawberries , $3.00 ea.
  • Hothouse seedless english cucumbers , $1.00 ea.
  • Imperial soft margarine , $1.00 ea.
  • Lucerne sour cream , $1.00 ea.
  • Chef boyardee canned pasta , $1.00 ea.
  • Kraft salad dressing , $1.00 ea.
  • Hershey’s single bars , $1.00 ea.

In my opinion , you should focus on part of produce because their products are super fresh ! Various fruit and vegetables such as mushrooms , broccoli , asparagus , grapes , tomatoes , cauliflower , raspberries , fresh cuts , onions , potatoes and more featured on page 4. You can have these at lower prices on this week ! You can also reach organic selection on this page. Let’s browse them !Safeway Flyer March 29 2017

They also offer you local selections ! Safeway supports western canadian growers featuring the best that local farmers have to offer. You can buy these local selection and support them too. On this week , many types of local onion are available in their stores.

Some fresh fruit and vegetables were selected for you ;

Organics ;

  • Whole organic mushrooms , $2.00 ea.
  • Organic cauliflower , $3.99 ea.
  • Organic potatoes , $2.69 ea.
  • Organic raspberries , $4.99 ea.

Natural ;

  • Broccoli crowns , $2.00 lb.
  • Asparagus , $3.00 lb.
  • Grapes , 2lb for $6.99
  • Boccalino dressing , $2.99 ea.
  • Cut fruit , vegetables or salads , (+6 bonus miles)

Local Onions ;

  • Yellow sweet onions , 2lb bag for $1.99
  • Sweet onion , $0.99
  • Red onions , $1.49 lb.
  • Large spanish onions , $1.29 lb.
  • Tri-colour onions , $3.49 ea.
  • White onions , $1.99 lb.

Floral ;

  • Cut flower bunches , $6.99 ea.
  • Seasonal bouquets , $19.99 ea.
  • 10 stem field daffodils , $1.99 ea.

They give you 100% satisfaction guarantee you for meat selections ! If you do not like them , you can get your money back ! Varios kind of meat are waiting for you to be bought with lower prices ! For a delicious dinner or barbecue parties , you should prefer their mears. I think , the best selection is Sterling silver rib premium oven roast (cut from Canada AAA 100% western canadian beef) for $11.99 lb.Safeway Flyer March 29 2017

Part of meat will draw your attention !

  • Rib grilling steak , $9.99 lb.
  • Sensations chicken breast , $4.49 lb.
  • Sterling silver sirloin tip marinating steak , $6.99 lb.
  • Sterling silver boneless blade simmering steak , $6.99 lb.
  • Sensations chicken drumsticks , $3.49 lb.
  • Pork tenderloin , $5.99 lb.
  • Sensations split chicken wings , $4.79 lb.
  • Compliments balance turkey breast , $7.99 lb.
  • Greenfield pork back ribs , $6.99 lb.
  • Greenfield pork tenderloin , $6.99 lb.
  • Canadian Frenched rack of lamb , $19.99 lb.

If you want to see more details , information or special offers , you should check all pages of their current flyer. In addition , you have more options to reduce to cost of weekly shopping. Many popular brands flyers are always available here. Let’s click another brands and see other flyers. If you want to follow special deals closely , you can subscribe here. Here you go !

Safeway Flyer March 10 2017

It is time to solve the problems with Safeway Flyer March 10 2017 ! You must be tired of paying exorbitant fees for your weekly shopping. If so, this article is for you. You always deserve the best. I mean , you will always come across the freshest and high quality selections on their shelfs. On this week , some special deals , reasonable prices for awesome selections and more opportunities you can imagine can be found here easily ! Especially , they focused on meat products on their newest flyer on this week. If you are in search for super fresh meats , I think here is better place for you.Safeway Flyer March 10 2017

In addition , when you check cover page of this flyer , you will see good deals to reduce to cost of shopping. When you redeem your Air Miles Cash Miles at the checkout , you will catch up good chance for FREE GROCERY. 95 air miles cash miles are $10 in Free Groceries. Let’s benefit this good offers. If you want to reach more information and details , you can look at cover page.

Page 1 is one of the best page that you will save more ! “BUY MORE SAVE MORE” is here ! Chocolate bar , soft drinks , potato chips , popping corn , coffee , cookies , flour , noodles and coconut milk and cereal are featured on this page. If you need some and or you want to stock some selections on this page , this is good chance. When you buy more these selected products , you will save more up to $2.00. In my opinion , you should buy Coca-Cola products. When you buy 2 or more , you will pay only $1.49 each.

Some selections were choosen for you ;

  • Cadbury chocolate bar , $0.88 ea. (Buy 3 or more)
  • Pringles , $2.29 ea. (Buy 2 or more)
  • Compliments soft drinks , $3.99 ea. (Buy 2 or more)
  • Orville redenbacher’s gourmet popping corn , $3.49 ea. (Buy 2 or more)
  • Illy coffee k-cup pods , $10.99 ea. (Buy 2 or more)
  • Peek freans cookies , $2.99 ea. (Buy 2 or more)
  • Farkay noodles steam fried , $2.99 ea. (Buy 2 or more)
  • Kashi organic promise cereal , $3.99 ea. (Buy 2 or more)

Look at super fresh produce !Safeway Flyer March 10 2017

Part of produce is also awesome ! Let’s enjoy trying taste of tropics ! Many good looking and super fresh fruit can be browsable on this part. Dragon fruit pitahaya , mango ataulfo , guava fruit , clementines , kiwi , caribbean red papaya , carambola starfruit are sale on page 4. You can also find some organic selections such as kale , tomatoes , pepper and mushrooms. You should look at these. 100% satisfaction guaranteed is available for these selections. If you don’t like them , you can take your money back.

Tropics ;

  • Dragon fruit pitahaya , $3.49 ea.
  • Mango ataulfo (large) , 2 for $3.00
  • Guava fruit , $3.49 ea.
  • Clementines , 3 lb bag for $5.99 ea.
  • Kiwi fruit , 2 for $1.00
  • Carambola starfruit , $2.99 ea.
  • Caribbean red papaya , $3.49 ea.

Organics ;

  • Organic girl baby kale (225 g) , $5.99 ea.
  • Organic grape tomatoes , $3.49 ea.
  • Organic pepper , $4.49 ea.
  • Organic mushrooms , $1.99 ea.Safeway Flyer March 10 2017

In addition , part of bakery will draw your attention ! Various delicious goodies such as cookies , buns , pie , cakes and more are featured on page 9.  Their motto is “WE DON’T JUST BAKE IT , WE MAKE IT“. They are really good at this job. You should try their products. Also , you will save more when you buy some selected products more. For example ; if you buy 2 or more cookies (package of 12) , you will pay only $4.50 each.

  • Honey wheat germ bread , $2.50 (Buy 2 ore more)
  • Jumbo apple cinnamon buns , $4.49 ea. (This is new ! )
  • Cheese buns (package of 6) , $5.69 ea.
  • Classic bar cake (408 g) , $5.00 ea.
  • Dempster’s texas toast , $3.00 (Buy 2 or more)
  • Nature’s blend bread , $3.69 ea.
  • Calgary italian bakery english muffins , $3.00 (Buy 2 or more)
  • Villaggio bread or buns , $3.00 (Buy 2 or more)

Safeway Flyer February 23 2017

Safeway Flyer February 23 2017 includes amazing opportunities that you will reach special deals and discounted products ! When you browse cover page of this flyer , you will be suprised ! “BLUE FRIDAY” will draw your attention ! I want to give you some details about this deal.Safeway Flyer February 23 2017
When you buy 4 of selected products on cover page , you will get extra bonus miles. Let’s browse these products and if you need some of them , get your essentials and benefit these special offers !

Also , they introduce you great coupon. When you spend $100 in a single transaction, you will get 125 air miles bonus miles ! You should benefit this deal ! Don’t forget that this deal is valid 1 day ! Friday , February 24 is your day to catch up this deal. Here you go and don’t miss it.
When you redeem your air miles cash miles instantly at the checkout , you will get FREE groceries ! 95 air miles cash miles are $10 in FREE groceries !

On this week Safeway offers you more ways to save your money than one. Every pages have different opportunities. So this flyer is full of great options to reduce to cost of weekly shopping. They have lowered prices of many everyday prices !

Some discounted products were listed for you ;

  • Pepsi products , $1.99 ea.
  • Alcan aluminum foil , $2.49 ea.
  • Cheemo perogies , $5.99 ea.
  • Imperial margarine , $3.79 ea.
  • Kashi cereal , $4.99 ea.