Safeway Flyer January 9 2017

The best solutions to reach super fresh and high quality selection at cheaper prices are waiting for you on Safeway Flyer January 9 2017 ! I want to give you Safeway Flyer January 9 2017some details and informations about part of Seafood , breakfast and “Year Of The Rooster” . Seafood section contains pretty special and super fresh selection. Wild sockeye salmon steaks , cooked or raw shrimp , sockeye lox , tilapia or cod crusted fillets and salmon fillets are sale on page 6. You will come across good deals when you check this page. When you buy a Compliments balance cod fillets , you will get 1 FREE !

Let’s look at part of breakfast on this flyer ;

There are many products that are essential for breakfast. Crunch bars , spread , coffee , juice , tea , milk and many selection are available on page 11. Their prices are more cheaper than others. You have also good offers on this page. When you buy 4 any specified products which are cereal , granola bars , fruit snacks or yogourt , you will get a 4 L Lucerne milk FREE !

  • Quaker harvest crunch bars , $2.99
  • General mills oatmeal crisp , $4.49
  • Maxwell house coffee , $8.99
  • Nutella spread , $5.99
  • Sensations by compliments k-cup colombian medium , $5.39
  • Tetley tea , $2.69

You should also browse on page 10. Many specials for “Year Of The Rooster” are waiting for you to be discovered ! Many etchnic and delicious selections are featured on this part. Let’s check it out and start saving your money when you explore new tasting products.

  • Dragon fruit , $3.28
  • Young duck , $3.48 lb
  • Asian yellow pears , $1.28
  • Crisco vegetable oil , $5.88
  • Thai kitchen coconut milk , $2.98
  • Vh sauce , $2.98
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