Real Canadian Superstore Flyer June 20 2017

Real Canadian Superstore is definitely one of the best place I’ve ever been in Canada ! They always introduce you a whose section of fresh produce , high quality products and lots of popular items. This store is very large with wide array of offerings. Moreover , every parts contains different and unique discounts. Various types of products can be browsable here. All sections of Real Canadian Superstore Flyer June 20 2017 have been listed for you ;Real Canadian Superstore Flyer June 20 2017

  • Produce
  • Household
  • Meat
  • Sauces
  • Seafood
  • Baby
  • Bakery
  • Personal care
  • Frozen
  • Beauty
  • Electronics

All pages and parts have been checked by me for you. It’s one of the flyer with the widest product range you can imagine. You can go their any stores with any recipe you and find everything with quite lower prices here. Their product selection is awesome and make sure that you will never see anything out of stock. If you have a shopping list , let’s look at which selections are on discount now !

Always Cheap , Always Unique , Always Fresh

There is plenty of super fresh fruit and vegetables , good samples of salads and good looking floral selections on this flyer. Produce is fully stocked ! You will never find even bruised fruits. Every products look exteremely vibrant. If you want to reach the freshest produce , you should visit their store. There are many details that I have not mentioned. Don’t miss their unique offers.Real Canadian Superstore Flyer June 20 2017

Big on Fresh ;

  • Green beans , $1.98 lb.
  • Apricots or plums , $2.98 lb.
  • Whole seedless watermelon , $4.98 ea.
  • Blueberries , $4.98 ea.
  • Green or yellow zuchinni , $0.98 lb.
  • Dole salad kits , $3.98 ea.
  • Farmer’s market instant garden annuals , $3.99
  • Orange sweet peppers , $1.98 lb.

Although the selection of meat products is exteremely limited on this flyer , make sure you can find something for your taste. My favourite part of this flyer is the meat. This store carries a lot of delicious and good looking meat. If you want to reach the best meat products and want to reduces to cost of weekly shopping , you are correct place. Also , In my opinion , one of the best deals they have on page 2 is Maple lodge farms ultimate chicken franks for $3.78 (Save $1.81)Real Canadian Superstore Flyer June 20 2017

In addition , all seafood products are on discount now ! You will come across awesome chance to save up to $5.01 when you browse on page 3 of this flyer. Let’s look at this page and reach more details and informations.

Meat ;

  • Pork back ribs , $6.98 lb.
  • Pc free from whole chicken , $3.48
  • Pc certified angus beef extra lean ground sirloin , $6.98 lb.
  • Olivieri fresh filled pasta , $6.98 ea.
  • Pc portuguese or BBQ chicken , $8.50 ea.
  • The keg beef burgers , $12.98 ea.
  • Pc pork back ribs , $10.98 ea.

Seafood ;

  • Fresh water jumbo raw shrimp , $16.98 lb.
  • Tuna steaks , $12.98 lb.
  • Sea scallops , $19.98 lb.
  • Jumbo atlantic lobster tails , $19.98 ea.
  • Snow crab cluster , $12.98

Part of bakery also looks perfect with their lower prices and product selection ! When you browse all products on this part , you will see 2 special alternatives. If you buy 2 or more some selected products , you will save more. For example ; When you buy 2 of Farmer’s market muffins , you will pay only $3.50. (Less than 2 , pay $4.99). These products draw your attention and makes you want to discover new tastes !

Delicious goodies ;Real Canadian Superstore Flyer June 20 2017

  • Bulk buns , bagels or croissants , $0.50 ea.
  • Chocolate croissants , $2.50 ea.
  • Farmer’s market pie , $6.00 ea.
  • Casa mendosa tortilla or Wonder wraps , $2.98 ea.
  • Old mill hot dog or hamburger buns , $2.48 ea.
  • Multigrain cheese hot dog or hamburger buns , $4.00 ea.
  • French baquette dua pack , $2.00 ea.
  • Pc gigantico buns , $3.00 ea.

If you want to see more products , information and deals , let’s check all pages and reach more what you are looking for! Also , you can create your own shopping list by clicking the buttons on the right of the products on this article. Enjoy shopping !

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