Philips Monitor BDM3270 Review

As technology advances, new monitors, higher resolutions and new games that support this high resolution are emerging. The world of technology, in short, like the universe, is constantly renewing and growing as content. We as technology lovers also want to take, use and test these new products. Because every new product is enough to excite us. Nowadays, 1080p, which is the most common resolution, has gradually moved to 2k and 4k resolution. Of course, 4k is a bit more challenging for video cards, but switching to 2k seems much easier. Even those graphics card makers are beginning to show the 2k resolution they recommend on newer and higher-end graphics cards. Although the prices of these graphics cards and monitors are very high in our country due to the dollar exchange rate, it is also obvious that a certain segment can afford it.


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If you ask how many pixels are Quad HD, you have about four times the pixel density of HD Ready, ie 1280×720 resolution monitor. That means 2560×1440 pixels. There is a total of 921,600 pixels on an HD Ready resolution display, while a Quad HD monitor has 3,686,400 pixels. As a matter of fact, the performance of the video card required also increases. So you just need to spend the extra money for the video card that does not stay on the monitor. Of course, it is ideal for professional use, not just for those who play. Let’s also look at the screen and its size when talking about its resolution. It has a 32-inch giant screen with a 16: 9 ratio. Clearly speaking, it is exactly 81.3 cm. It’s the same size as the 82-screen TVs we use in our homes. It is one of the most crucial points for those who will already use it for business. I can easily advise the people to take for professional use such as drawing and design.


The monitor will bring a nice technology with a closer look. The name of this technology is AMVA LED technology. This technology is also referred to as multi-field vertical alignment. The monitor’s high static contrast ratio gives it brighter, more beautiful images. A technology you can use in any application you want. Thanks to this technology, it can achieve high values such as 3000: 1 and dynamically 50,000,000: 1. Whether you want this technology, in games, in demanding applications, or when you want to watch videos and movies, you can use it the way you want. If we come to another important feature and I would like to say that my favorite feature is the 10-bit color support that comes with the 12-bit internal processor. This is usually a feature on 4k Ultra HD monitors. 10-bit color support is the most important feature that brings 1,074 billion colors. Generally, Quad HD monitors have 8-bit color support and have a color capacity of 16.7 million. Philips came up with an extra feature in this field, taking an important step for both multimedia and professional users from other models.


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Another feature of the Philips BDM3270 named monitor is Flicker-free technology. Thanks to this feature, the small screen on the screen aim to destroy all kinds of vibrations that we are asking for. In games that you play without vibration, in movies you watch or in professional work you do, you can expect a more enjoyable use. Perhaps, in terms of ergonomics, there may not be another monitor that provides such convenience, giving the user freedom. This feature is named Philips SmartErgoBase. You can move your monitor as you want. I thought there might be some sort of disturbance before you know how far back you are. Because you can turn right and left 170 degrees. Like I said, before I know this degree, turn it back and my father is in the form of turning and it sounds interesting. It also allows vertical rotation angle of 90 degrees and has a vertical position on this vise. This makes it easier to read long texts and so on. You can adjust the height as desired up to 18cm. So it also offers a considerable advantage in this regard and allows for the use of TV-like. If you look at the tilt angle of the monitor, you can adjust from -5 to 20 degrees to your head. You can also mount and use the wall with VESA.


Important features include a built-in loudspeaker. I think it should be a feature on every monitor. The result is audio over HDMI and DP. Therefore, at least those monitors that have these connections need to have a built-in speaker. This monitor also has two stereo speakers. I must say that you cannot really satisfy the game. In First Person Shooter style games, your voice stream is missing. But it also gives enough quality and level for film and daily music needs.


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