Walmart Flyer May 23 2017

Long Weekend” has started in Walmart stores ! A lot of limited time offer , lower prices and special deals are available on Walmart Flyer May 23 2017. Walmart Flyer May 23 2017Products of many exclusive brands are on discount now. You will reach the freshest and high-quality selections when you visit their stores or browse this special flyer.

Why pay more for your needs you deserve? They offer you unbeatable prices for the best selections. If you want to get these with the lowest prices , you should catch up their options to reduce to cost of weekly shopping.

Good ways for a good weekly shopping ;

All pages of their newest flyer have been checked by me for you and I selected the best ones. This article helps you how much you will save for regular needs for your kitchen. All you should do is making a shopping list. If you have this , let’s find your essentials and enjoy good shopping with special opportunities.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed !

Delicious , fresh and good looking meat selections are featured on page 1. If you are committed to get some meat today , you should benefit these prices. Especially , you should focus on local meat selections at the top of the page. It is better quality at cheaper prices. You can reach also frozens such as sausages , shrimp , burgers and more.

  • Your fresh market canadian angus beef kebabs , $6.97 lb.
  • Maple leaf fresh chicken split wings , $4.97 lb.
  • Maple leaf deli express wieners , $1.88 (450g)
  • Great value smoked sausages , $6.97 (900g)
  • Ocean jewel shrimp skewers , $3.97 (180g)
  • Reser’s salad , $3.97 (Save $0.50)
  • Our finest garlic & herb shrimp , $8.97 (340 g)

Pantry , frozen and refrigerated essentials are available on page 3. You will come across good options that you can save up to $1.05 when you check this page. Walmart Flyer May 23 2017If you buy some selected products more , you will save more. For example ; When you buy Knorr 4 sidekicks , you will pay only $4.00.

Get your essentials with lower prices ;

  • Danone activia yogourt , $4.92 (Save $1.05)
  • Nestle drumsticks or Novelties , 2 for $8.00
  • Pure leaf iced tea , $2.97
  • Guiseppe frozen pizza or minis , $4.44 (Save $1.05)
  • Neilson chocolate milk beverage , $1.00
  • Healthy choice frozen entrees or VH steamers , $2.97
  • International delight coffee creamer , $3.87

Not only foods , there are  many great quality and useful selections on this flyer. Part of Grill and Chill will draw your attention ! Various dining set , bistro set , grill products are waiting for you to be purchased with reasonable prices here. Good savings up to $100 are featured on page 6. My favourite one is Tuscany 4-piece conversation set for $496.

Enjoy this long weekend !

  • Rio grill gazebo , $158.00
  • Newport 7 piece dining set , $686.00
  • 3 piece wicker bistro set , $98.00
  • 4-burner propane gas grill with side burner , $178.00 (Save $20)
  • 4-burner stainless steel cabinet grill , $298.00 (Save $100)
  • 24 inch charcoal grill , $148.00
  • Star grill hardwood lumb charcoal , $8.98Walmart Flyer May 23 2017

It’s time to enjoy nature! A lot of outdoor selections such as tent , camp chairs , air bed , sleeping bag , bikes and many more are on sale now ! If you like spending time in nature and you need some equipments for that , you are correct address now ! Great prices that you can save up to $18.03 can be found on this part. Let’s look at these products and get the best with fair prices !

Outdoor Adventures !

  • Camp chairs , $9.88
  • 3-person tent , $34.97
  • 10 x 10 gazebo , $98.00
  • Intex twin air bed , $14.97
  • Camping cart , $69.97
  • Adults 24 or 26 inch evolution bike , $88.00
  • Sports balls or Shin guards , $5.97

This flyer has quite range of products and products are not limited to this. If you want to see more opportunities , details and deals , you can browse other pages. Be sure , you will find more what you are looking for here. Let’s check all pages and get your essentials with unique options !

Metro Flyer May 21 2017

Hello dear viewer and welcome to today’s brand new Metro Flyer May 21 2017. In today’s flyer, there are many big deal and discounts on12 various categories and products. Also there are two main events called Long Weekend Savings and My Ramadan just started on Metro so you can save more with those two opportunities. Those items are must for our houses so do not forget to check out these events. In addition to all of that, you can find online coupons in today’s Metro Flyer May 21 2017 to save more. We sure listed the best and biggest deals just for you but you can always check out the whole flyer just with clinking the right hand side image. Now, let’s see the biggest deals !

Long Weekend Savings

In today’s Metro Flyer May 21 2017, there are many good deals on everyday items such as chips, fruits, vegetables, snacks, drinks and many more with special event called Long Weekend Savings.  You clearly don’t want to miss it so be quick and claim those big deals while you can! Now, lets see the biggest deals on this special event shall we ?

  • Sun Chips, Munchies or Rold Gold Snacks, 2 for $6.00
  • Nutella 375gr, $3.99
  • Allen’s Juice or Cocktails, 4 for $5.00
  • Head & Shoulders Hair Care, $4.99

My Ramadan

Ramadan is nearly comes so there are more big deals and discounts on today’s Metro Flyer May 21 2017 just for this special occasion. 12In it, you can find many halal foods and drinks with the best price tag in Canada.

  • Maple Lodge Zabiha Halal Split Wings, $4.99/lb.
  • Aqua Star Basa Fillets, $7.99/ea.
  • Chameem Dates, 2 for $5.00
  • Alkanater Tahina, $6.99/ea.

These are the best deals on today’s Metro Flyer May 21 2017 but you can always find more deals on today’s flyer by clicking right hand side image. And you can also be our subscriber to find out daily deals and brand new flyers via your E-mail. See you on next deals !

Sears Flyer May 21 2017

It’s good time to browse great details with Sears ! “SUPER WEEKEND SALE” has begun ! You have wide range of products on their newest flyer so you will reach a lot of great quality and useful products. You shouldn’t miss short term opportunities of them. Perfect savings up to 50% are available on Sears Flyer May 21 2017. Many essential products that you may need at every moment of your life are on discount now. Don’t forget that these deals are valid until May 22 , 2017. Let’s browse and find what selections are on sale now.Sears Flyer May 21 2017

Catch up special offers including 50% off !

All pages of this flyer have been browsed by me. I selected the best deals for you. On this article , you will come across very useful advices to pay less for your needs. There are special choices here that you will not find in most stores. These selections are waiting for you to be purchased with pretty reasonable prices in their stores. If you want to reduce to cost of shopping ,  check their product list and get your needs !


Cover page can draw your attention with unique selections and awesome offers. If you plan to go on holiday in the coming days , good options on cover page are for you ! Swimwear for men & women are on sale up to 50% ! Also , Swimwear for kids are on sale too up to 30%. If you need new swimwear , you should get these with cheaper prices ! Some accessories , grill , mower and bistro set are featured on this page. In addition , when you buy 3 or more handbags , wallets , belts or jewellery , you have good chance to save 40% !

  • Napoleon rogue 425 propane grill , $699.99 (Save $50)
  • Craftsman push mower , $239.99 (Save $110)
  • 3-pc bistro set , $79.97
  • All sandals for the family , 40% off.
  • All men’s or women’s clarks shoes , 50% off.
  • Munich 4-pc conversation set , $299.99 (Save $200 off)Sears Flyer May 21 2017

Many fashionable , good looking and high-quality selections such as shorts , pants , dresses , skirts , jackets for women’s are available on page 1. Perfect options that you will save up to 40% can be found on this page. Not only these , you will also reach jewellery , watches , underwear , beauty products and many more. My favouite one is gold jewellery. If you are in search for some gift options , this can be a special gift for loved one.

Fabulous gift options ;

  • Sears jacquel’ne de yong & devoted by dex tops , pants , 30% off.
  • Fila champion & adidas active wear , 30% off.
  • National brand watches , 25% off.
  • Carter’s & oshkosh fashions , 20% off.
  • All lipsticks , lip liners & lip glosses , 15% off.
  • Alia & Tan Jay pants , tops & jackets , 40% off.

Real Canadian Superstore Flyer May 20 2017

The easiest way to find basic kitchen requirements at the lowest prices is  browsing Real Canadian Superstore flyers ! Unique solutions to reduce to cost of weekly shopping can be always found on their flyers and their stores. Their flyers generally have wide range of products. Therefore ,you will reach what you want to buy related to meat , frozen , fruit , snack , household , bakery , personal care , drink and many more easily. Moreover , they regularly introduce you special deals to pay less for needs. Then , let’s look at good list of Real Canadian Superstore Flyer May 20 2017 for this week !Real Canadian Superstore Flyer May 20 2017

Always FRESH , Always QUALITY and Always CHEAPER !

On this article , I will give you some special advice to not exceed your budget for shopping. A lot of offers that will draw your attention are featured on this flyer. Nearly all catagories contain amazing opportunities. If you have a plan for shopping this week , you should browse this flyer or visit their stores. Be sure , you will come across more what you are looking for in their stores and this flyer.

How much do you want to save on this week ?

Cover page is one of the best pages that you will save more ! Awesome savings up to $8.08 are available on this page. Many delicious and fresh selections are on sale now. My favourite one is Cut in-store boneless rib steak for $6.88 / lb. Also , you shouldn’t miss a good chance to earn $25. For more details , you can browse this page.

  • Cherries , $3.98 lb.
  • 24 pack Nestle pure life natural spring water , $1.88 ea. (Save $1.59)
  • Kettle potato chips , $2.00 (Buy 2 or more)
  • Breyers classic or Popsicle novelties , $2.50 (Buy 2 or more)
  • D’italiano bread or buns , $1.88 ea. (Save $1.30)
  • Pc or Blue Menu , $5.98 (Save $4.01)

Fruits and vegetables are the most important foods you need to consume for a healthy life. Although there are many alternatives preferred today instead of fruits, often they are not so healthy. Fatty and unhealthy foods are now being used as snacks. For example ; You should not choose fatty foods when you watch movies. If you bring healthy such as fruit or vegetables salads, pre portioned appetizers to the movies you won’t worry about overeating.Real Canadian Superstore Flyer May 20 2017

On this week , they offer you good looking and pretty natural many produce with lower prices. They have dropped prices of many healthy selections again. You should focus on these products and stay healthy ! For more details and information , you can browse on pages 1 and 2.

The freshest selections ;

  • Hot house sweet red , yellow or oranges peppers , $2.48 lb.
  • 11 lb average whole seedless watermelon , $4.98 ea.
  • Sweet corn , $0.40 (Buy 5 or more)
  • 10 lb Farmer’s Market russet potatoes , $2.98 ea.
  • Pc button mushrooms or steak cut mushrooms , $2.00 (Buy 2 or more)
  • Green beans , $2.98 lb.
  • Farmer’s market mini cucumbers , $2.00

Halal , ethnic , traditional and delicious products for Ramadan are waiting for you to be discovered ! If you like try new tasting selections , this is good chance ! Various selections are on discount now. Let’s find a recipe based on palate taste and make a new dish using these products. Are not you sick of ordinary food? Your answer is yes. Let’s start !Real Canadian Superstore Flyer May 20 2017

Ramadan Kareem !

  • Arz fine foods tahina , $4.97 (Save $1.02)
  • No 817 pure basmati rice , $9.98 ea. (Save $4.01)
  • Arz yogurt , $1.78 (Save $0.71)
  • Halal beef stew , $8.98 lb.
  • Sufra halal lean ground chicken , $4.98 ea.
  • Shana naan , chapatti or paratha , $1.98 ea.
  • Tea india premium orange pekoe tea bags , $5.98 ea. (Save $2.30)

FreshCo Flyer May 18 2017

The choice is yours! Let’s decide how much you want to save today with FreshCo Flyer May 18 2017 ! Perfect solutions for a good weekly shopping can be always browsable in their flyers. They offer different and extraordinary opportunities each week. Therefore , you should be alert on their flyer with their awesome sales. The basic nutrients that you should have in your kitchen are available at the highest quality and at lower prices in their stores.FreshCo Flyer May 18 2017


FreshCo is one of the best Canadian stores that you will always reach the freshest and great quality food selections with lower prices. Every week , they offer you more deals than one. You will never regret when you browse their list because you you will definitely find a need at reasonable prices here. If you are committed to shop this week , here you go !


Cover page is full of lower prices for the best selections. Many options from beef to meat can be found here. Amazing prices that you will come across savings up to $2.91 are available on this page. In my opinion , you should look at soft drinkS.. For example ; you can buy Coca-Cola (6 x 710 ml) at $1.99 ! It is on sale up to $2.00 !

Also , there is a limited selection on cover page. Altough it is limited , it is on discount now ! Fresh boneless 10 oz. striploin steaks cut from USDA select beef only $5.00 / steak ! This price is valid until Sunday. Benefit this !

  • Tostitos tortilla chips , $1.99 (Save $1.30)
  • Nestle parlour frozen dessert tubs , $1.99 (Save $2.00)
  • Strawberries 454 g , $1.99
  • Simply orange juice ( 2.63 l) , $3.99 (Save $1.80)
  • Schneiders juicy jumbos , $2.88 (Save $2.91)
  • Bananas , $0.56
  • Compliments white or whole wheat bread , $1.47

Ramadan Mubarak !FreshCo Flyer May 18 2017

A lot of delicious , high-quality and new tasting products are featured on page 4. Many specials for Ramadan are waiting for you to be discovered here. If you have not tried these products , this is good chance to do it! All of them are on discount now. You can find a recipe for your taste buds and you can enjoy traditional dishes with these products.

They have dropped prices of many products. Awesome offers that you will save up to $5.00 are available on this part. My favourite selection is Alshifa natural honey for $4.99. It is pretty healthy. When you buy it , you can save $3.00.

  • Jhalak basmati rice , $5.99 (Save $3.00)
  • Verka desi ghee , $15.99 (Save $5.00)
  • Verka brown sugar , $7.99 (Save $2.00)
  • Dahi or Halal yogourt , $1.69 (Save $1.30)
  • Deep kesar mango pulp , $1.97 (Save $1.02)
  • Parla-g biscuits , $0.79 (Save $0.20)
  • Deep naan , paratha or kulcha , $1.79 (Save $0.90)

There’s a lot more you’re looking for here. If you want to see more details , informations or products , you should browse other pages of this. There are opportunities that I have not mentioned before. You should check all pages and don’t exceed your budget. Here you go !