Metro Flyer September 7 2017

Hello dear viewer and welcome back to today’s brand new Metro Flyer September 7 2017. In it, you can find many good deals and special events such as ” My First Week Back” and “Meal Deal”. Landing page welcomes you with the best deals on meats, ham, snacks, yoghurt and many more so do not forget to check all out. Page 2 contains many good deals on fruits and vegetables and third page also contains many good deals.

4 Days Only – Meal Deal

Today’s Metro Flyer September 7 2017 has a special offer for you! In it, you can find 4 days only meat deals and with it, you can find many fresh and high quality food on best prices. You have many options on foods such as sushi, pizza, fruit salad and many more so you have lot of options to fill your stomach.

  • Fresh 2 Go Pepperoni of Cheese 16” X-Large Hot Pizza, $7.99 mealdeals
  • Fresh 2 Go Hot or Chilled Chicken Wings, $7.99
  • Fresh 2 Hot Chicken Tenders, $7.99
  • Maki Sushi Boat, $7.99

Metro Flyer September 7 2017 – My First Week Back

My First Week Back is the main event in today’s Metro Flyer September 7 2017 so do not forget to check it all out. There are many good deals and discounts on various types of products so you can always find good deals on your needs.  We sure listed the best deals just for you down bellow, but do not forget to check it all out. Now, lets see the best deals!0

  • Irresistibles Artisan Oven Roasted Seasoned Turkey Breast of Dofino Havarti Cheese, $2.39/100g
  • Fresh Chicken Leg Quarters, $1.29/lb.
  • Fresh Wild Coho Salmon Fillets, $14.99/lb.
  • Extra Large Beefsteak Tomatoes, $1.96/lb.
  • Family Sized Salad, $8.99/each.

This was our shopping list but you are the master of your own house so do not forget to check out today’s deals. Also, you can subscribe our news teller for daily uptade on countless flyers and retailers. See you on next deals!

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