Metro Flyer February 15 2017

Every new week means new options in Metro stores ! All options such as fair prices , extraordinary deals , wide range of weekly essentials and great product Metro Flyer February 15 2017selection for a good weekly shopping are regularly offered by them. On this week , you will see many different offers to discover new taste and reduce to cost of shopping on Metro Flyer February 15 2017. I have selected special ones and I want to give you some information about their good deals on this article.

Catch up good selection !

Let’s start browsing cover page of this flyer. In my opinion , the best selections are available on under the coverpage. There are many meal selection on this part. Sushi , hot chicken tenders , hot pizza , chilled chicken wings , fresh vegetable carousel and bbq chicken are waiting for you to be tried. Any choice you want to try is only $7.99 ea. Don’t forget that this deal is valid until Sunday, February 19.

One of the best Metro part is produce as you know. Their fruit and vegetable selection look awesome. You can find the best super fresh produce on their stores. Strawberries , cantaloupes , mangoes , tomatoes , seedless grapes , plums , kiwi , peaches , oranges , asparagus , carrots , mushrooms , eggplants and more are browsable here.

  • Belle grove whole white mushrooms , $2.99 ea.
  • Mann’s broccoli wokly or stir fry vegetables , $3.49 ea.
  • Sweet nantes carrots , $1.99 ea.
  • Seedless navel oranges , $1.49 lb.
  • Organic sweet peppers , $4.99 ea.
  • Organic avocados , $4.99 ea.
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