Metro Flyer And Coupons August 4 – 10 2016

Metro Flyer August 4 - 10 2016

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Metro offers many special opportunities and great options to save your money for you every week. Amazing deals and huge massive discounts are available on Metro Flyer and Metro coupons! Metro that you can do weekly shopping at the cheapest prices generally includes regular products such as popular cosmetic products,fresh meat options and produces,daily products,snacks,soft drinks,frozen products,house hold products,canned goods,seafoods,bakery products and many more. New list of regular foods have been published by Metro which is your indispensable address to save your money. All of Metro opportunities have been browsed for you. Metro Flyer August 4 – 10 coupons contains 3 special products which are ice cream,nuts and bio honey. When you buy these products with Metro coupons,you will save up to $1. Don’t forget that these amazing coupons are valid until Auguts 10!

Save More With This Week’s Coupons

If you buy irresistibles or selection Nuts with Metro coupons,you will save $1.00 !
Irresistibles Ice cream is available on Metro coupons. You will save $1.00 with Metro coupons.
Also, if you need maple syrup or bio honey,you shouldn’t miss these opportunity. When you buy these items with coupons,you will save $1.00!

In addition,there are many alternatives that when you do weekly shopping,you will save your money on Metro Flyer. Many tpyes of regular products such as fresh meat options,snacks,soft drinks,vegetables,fruit,seafoods,canned goods,frozen products,cosmetics are available on Metro Flyer August 4-10. Several quality products,great deals and amazing discounts are offered for you by Metro. All you need is a shopping list! You find your needs and create a shopping list! Then,enjoy doing shopping at the cheapest prices thanks to Metro. Metro Flyer August 4-10 has been browsed for you and it has been listed for you.

Flyer Deals

Cover page of Metro Flyer August 4 – 10 contains lean ground beef,peaches,tomatoes,pork back ribs,sweet corn,beef burgers,atlantic salmon steaks,cauiliflower,cookies,ice Metro Coupon Save $1 Maple Syrup or Bio Honeycream,margarine,paper towels,chips and hamburger or hot dog buns. There are many discount on cover page of this flyer. You can save up to $3.75 for selected products. Also,another alternatives are available on this page. For example,sweet corns,romaine hearts or organic blueberries are 2 for only $5.00! Hamburger buns or hot dog buns are 2 for $5.00 Don’t miss these amazing options!

Pork back ribs , $3.88 /lb (save $3.11 /lb)
Lean ground beef , $3.44 /lb (save $3.75 /lb)
Fresh atlantic salmon steaks , $7.99 /lb
Becel margarine , $1.99
Bounty paper towels , $4.99
Irresistibles beef burgers , $9.99
Selection eggs , $1.99

First page of Metro Flyer August 4 – 10 includes fresh cuts,produce,organic products and floral. In summary,grapes,mangoes,pears,lemons,clementines,avocados,bakingMetro Coupon Save $1 On Ice Cream potaotes,organic kiwi,some fruit salads,organic green kale and some types of floral. If you need some of them you should evalute this prices and save your money. Especially,prices of organic products are drawing attention. Please browse it!

Extra large seedless grapes , $2.99 /lb
Mangoes , 2 for $3.00
Organic grape tomatoes , $2.99 /ea
Avocados , $3.99
Baking potatoes , 2 for $5.00
Dole salad kits , $2.99

Also,local produces are featured on page 2 of Metro Flyer August 4 – 10. Sweet peppers,broccoli,strawberries,tomatoes,seedless cucumbers,celery,red or green lettuce,watermelons,baby Metro Coupon Save $1 On Nutscarrots,green beans,white mushrooms,green or yellow zucchini,garlic,green kale and green onions.

Strawberries , $4.99
Green beans , $1.99 /lb
Red,orange or yellow sweet peppers , $2.99 /lb
Seedless cucumbers , 2 for $3.00
Celery , $1.99
Green onions , $0.99

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