Loblaws Flyer February 13 2017

You will come across more special alternatives than one to reduce to cost of weekly shopping on Loblaws Flyer February 13 2017. Many delicious and superLoblaws Flyer February 13 2017 fresh selection are waiting for you with reasonable prices. Although some products are limited , prices of them is quite lower than other stores prices. Even you should focus on limited products. It’s possible to reach limited products on every page of this flyer. You should always be alert with their opportunities every week.

Look at beautiful floral selection ;

On this week , they also introduce you some special floral selection for Valentine’s Day. Get your favorite one and make a gesture for your loved one. Roses , mixed bouquet , orchids , dozen rose vase in bag , tulips , rainbow roses , dyed poms , bunches and many more are browsable here. In addition , Strawberries with chocolate dip are sale on for $9.99 lb. It looks awesome.

  • Pc 15 stem fresh cut tulips , $12.00
  • Market bunch dyed poms , $7.99
  • Large market bunches , 3 for $30.00
  • Dozen rose vase in bag , $39.99
  • Pc 12 stem 50cm roses $24.99

Part of produce will draw your attention because their selections look super fresh and exteremly vibrant. Moreover, prices of them is quite fair. If you are in search for healthy products for weekly shopping , you are correct address ! Blueberries , blackberries , apples , pears , watermelon , cantaloupe , grapefruit and more can be found here.

  • Pc orri mandarins , $5.99
  • Farmer’s market grapefruit , $5.99
  • Large navel oranges , $1.79 lb.
  • Clementines , $2.99 lb
  • Tangelo minneola , $1.99 lb
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