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From now on, will serve you with its new theme and features ! With its new theme, now more capable, flexible and easy to use. Now lets check out the best features and new skills of our new theme !

New Theme and Features1

Fist, lets check out the new left sidebar named “1”. In it, you can easily navigate around the retailers and you can customly search your store in “Search in Retailers” section shown and marked red in bellow image;

With this feature, you can have more flexibility to search any retailers and now this task is easier than ever. Now lets focus on the right side of our main page named section “2”. In it, you can see the popular retailers in one place. With this feature, you can see and browse the best retailers and flyers with just one click.  In section “3” you will see the “SUBSCRIBE” button and with it you can subscribe our news teller for daily deal alerts and brand new flyers.  In section “4”, you will see our new flyer carousel  and with it, you can easily see and select the newest flyers.

Flyer View and Feedbacks

We also changed our flyer view screen with more easy to use and eye friendly version, so feel free to check it out too ! And please give us feedback for creating more user friendly environment, just for you and your needs.  You can mail us for feedbacks and subscribe our news teller for more news and improvements.

Giant Tiger Flyer December 21 2016 Boxing Week Sale

Awesome specials for Boxing Week Sale with reasonable prices have been announced by Giant Tiger Flyer December 21 2016. This flyer is really different from others. This new flyer is full of special deals and savings for Boxing Days. You can reach several kind of good looking and great quality items easily. Particulary , cover page is drawing attention. Dvd , blue-ray and dvd box sets , pillow , pants , panel , detergents , some foods are available on this page at lower prices ! You can also find Christmas deal on cover page. Queen anne chocolates is only $1.87. If you buy it , you will save $1.13.Giant Tiger Flyer December 21 2016 Boxing Week Sale

Also , they have dropped their prices on many selected products. Various new prices for your weekly shopping are featured on this new flyer. New lower prices are valid until December 31 st. If you want to see more details , you can browse on page 3.

In addition , there is an amazing holiday entertaining recipe on newest flyer of Giant Tiger. If you want to try new taste and delicious meal , you should check this recipe. You can also find special coupon on page 9. When you spend $35 or more in groceries or cleaning products , you will save $5.00 thanks to this coupon.

Good selection were selected for you ;

  • Men’s and women’s fashion watches , 2 for $15.00
  • Energizer batteries , $7.97 (Save up to $9.02)
  • Spring home pillow , $4.00 (Save $2.99)
  • Double or queen comforter , $12.00 (Save $6.88)
  • Women’s fleece pullover or pants , $8.00
  • Men’s denim pants , $15.00 (Save $10.00)

Giant Tiger Flyer December 19 2016

Last chance to catch up amazing deals to reduce to prices of your weekly shopping on newest Giant Tiger Flyer ! Wide range of products , fair prices and special offers are waiting for you ! If you are committed to shopping on this week , you should benefit their prices. Regular foods , home essentials , several fashianble apparels , toys , small kitchen appliances , some gift options and new recipes can be browsable here! In addition , you have special coupon on Giant Tiger Flyer December 19 2016. When you spend $35 or more in grocery and cleaning products , you will save $5.00. If you want to see more details , you can browse on page 10.
Giant Tiger Flyer December 19 2016

Some pages were checked for you ;

Cover page contains several types of discounted products. It’s possible to reach great savings up to $6.98. You should also look at Christmas deal of them. Ferrero collection is only $4.98. If you buy it , you will save up to $3.00. In adition , Some kitchen gift options $25 or less are available on this page. Keep your money in your pocket. Let’s check !

  • 2 pack delissio frozen pizzas , $5.97 (Save $2.00)
  • Planters or billy bee peanuts , $1.99 (Save $2.00)
  • Country harvest bread , $1.99 (Save $1.89)
  • Purex laundry detergent , $2.97 (Save $4.00)
  • Green giant canned vegetables , $0.99 (Save $0.48)
  • Butterball boneless turkey breast , $14.99 (Save $6.98)

Giant Tiger Flyer December 8 2016

New lower prices of Giant Tiger will be suprised you !  You can reach whatever you need on Giant Tiger Flyer December 8 2016 easily. Canned goods , soft drinks , fresh produce , popular snacks , meat products , seafood , frozen foods , cosmetics are available on their new flyer. In addition , a special recipe for holiday are featured on page 9. If you want to cook delicious goodies in your kitchen  , you should look at this recipe. You can also have special coupons on this page 9. You will save up to $0.50 when you buy Robin Hood flour with this coupon.Giant Tiger Flyer December 8 2016

Not only regular foods , there are many fashianable apparel , shoes , speaker , bed sets , toys , decors and many more. You will have various special items for Christmas. If you can’t decide what gift to buy for loved ones , their new flyer helps you for that. Several types of products are sale on this flyer.

  • Women’s sleep top , $10.00
  • Men’s pj pants , $14.00
  • Men’s long-sleeved christmas print fleece tops , $18.00
  • Women’s holiday hats or gloves , $5.00
  • Mountain ridge hikers , $39.00

Check new lower prices of Giant Tiger ;

Selection of them is quite always incredible! Before you go to stores , you should check their flyer. When you browse on page 3 of this flyer , you will come across great new prices for awesome quality products such as steamers , drink boxes , snacks , minis , body wash , lotion and juice.

  • Healthy choice or vh steamers , $2.94
  • Allen’s drink boxes , $2.00
  • Kraft handi-snacks , $1.47
  • Crispy minis , $1.47
  • St.ives body wash , $4.97
  • Minute Maid juice , $2.87

Giant Tiger Flyer November 4 2016

Giant Tiger is back with GIANT discounts ! Just check out the Giant Tiger Flyer November 4 2016 for best deals on meats,snacks and much more !  There are good deals on various types of products such as Johnsonville Sausages, Watson Ridge Breaded Chicken, Mastro Salametti, Shaved Dali Meat and Vachon Snack Cackes.

Best Deals of them on this week ;

On this page, you will find such good products in discount and with it, you can save more for your grocery shopping. Deals on snacks beverages and meat is good but dont forget check other products such as Zest Body Wash, Speed Stick Deodorant and Dawn Dish Soap.Giant Tiger Flyer November 4 2016  There is also a campaign going on called ENTER2WIN and with it you can win 2.000$ weakly in Giant Tiger Gift Cards so DO NOT forget to check that out !  There is also good discounts in clothes, so if you need any, you can certainly check them out. Also as always, we listed the best deals just for you so don’t forget to check those out too !

Best Deals on Clothes

  • Plus Size Flannel PJ Pants , $12.00
  • Plush Twosie , $25.00
  • Long Plush Robe , $27.00
  • 2 Piece Pyjama Sets , $15.00

Best Deals on Groceries

  • Oasis Juice Boxes , $2.47
  • Watson Ridge Breaded Chicken , $3.99 (save $1.01)
  • Johnsonville Sausages , $2.88
  • Mastro Salametti , $2.88
  • Nature Valley or Betty Crocker Variety Pack , $4.97
  • Crispy Minis , $1.33
  • Giant Value Cashews or Mixed Nuts , $4.97

Their deals wont end here, so don’t forget to check this flyer right now ! Do NOT forget ! We will bring you the best deals on this store, so don’t forget to subscribe our News Teller for more ! With it, you can be aware of any discounts in any store. You can subscribe it with your E-mail very easily. It is on the right top of this page !