Fortino’s Flyer February 8 2017

Let’s check Fortino’s Flyer February 8 2017 ! Fortinos including community room that is always active for your questions and ideas. People sharing recipes Fortino's Flyer February 8 2017too. Reach most delicious one and do it yourself at home. They have lowered their prices cause of Valentine’s day for many selected products now! Whole February you can save your money perfectly. Meats, bakeries, beverages, fruits and vegetables are on sale. Also pork’s are certified. You can trust them always. Pork belly, whole or half boneless pork loin and more pork varieties are available in fresh rayon.

Particulary, you should focus on cover page featuring many specials for Valentine’s day ! You will come across quite reasonable prices for good looking and quality products. Dozen roses (assorted colours , with greens , 50cm) will draw your attention. You can get this at $24.99 ! In addition , strawberries , asparagus , aggplant , green peppers , beef tenderloin roast and rock lobster tail are on discount now. If you are looking for some of them for your weekly shopping , you should benefit these amazing prices. For more details and information , you should look at cover page.

Some specials for Valentine’s Day were checked for you ;

  • Heart shaped cake , $9.99
  • Tuxedo strawberries , $10.99
  • Annette’s mini cupcakes , $3.99
  • Valentine chocolate or vanilla cookies , $3.99
  • French macorons , $1.99
  • Valentine cake for two , $4.99
  • Two-bite valentine brownies , $3.99 – $4.99
  • Farmer’s market muffins , $4.99
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