Caflyers Samsung Galaxy S9 Review

Caflyers Samsung Galaxy S9 Review  available for samsung lovers! After a long review, we reached the conclusion. As a result, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is a very impressive smartphone, yes. It will probably close the year as one of the best of 2018, yes. But that does not mean that the Galaxy is not disappointing in the sense of innovation after the S8. Those who expect bigger innovations after Galaxy S8 will not find what they expect in Galaxy S9, it is clear. On the other hand, the price of the Galaxy S8 with the Samsung Galaxy S9’s output will fall, making it more attractive. In the final analysis, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is not a smartphone to be bought out of sight. But yes, it’s a powerful phone. We do not think that Galaxy S8 users will make an update on their phone, but for those who want to have a high-end Android phone, the Galaxy S9 is the right choice.


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First of all, it should be said that the Samsung Galaxy S9 seems to show no major change in its predecessor from its predecessor Galaxy S8, but it is creating the ARAMiFactory with its AR Emoji feature and the unprecedented camera on the smartphone market. What does the new admiral offer in his details? Now let’s start with the design in the first place and examine the new admirer step by step. The Samsung Galaxy S9 looks like a Galaxy S8 at first glance. Samsung has created the Galaxy S9 with a touch of sophisticated design at the touch of a button, and the fingerprint sensor that we criticized in the previous model was also a major revision. We were not expecting any major changes in the design for the Galaxy S9, which is already more comfortable with its size than the older brother Galaxy S9 +. Because Samsung, obviously, the Galaxy S8 was a very fashionable design as a design. Galaxy S9 has also been found in a small revision. Available in gray, purple and black colors, Galaxy S9 offers thinner frames in the front than Galaxy S8. The upper frame of the Galaxy S9 is 8.18mm, which is 0.48mm thinner than the Galaxy S8. The lower frame is 6.96 mm. Again this is 0.76 mm thinner than the predecessor model.


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So the Samsung Galaxy S9 is 1.2 mm shorter than the S8, but it offers a screen of the same size. The biggest advantage of this is that you have a shorter phone if there is a slight difference. The length of the Galaxy S9 is 147.7 mm. The Galaxy S8 is 148.9 mm. Thus, the Galaxy S9 becomes a more stable model in the light. At the thickness point, there is a difference of 0.5 mm. The Galaxy S9’s thickness increases by 8.5 mm compared to the S8. Likewise the weight … Galaxy S9 ‘. S8, 155 grams. Although there is no major change in the design, the aluminum frame of the Samsung Galaxy S9’s edge frames has been further strengthened. So Samsung claims that the phone is more robust against the bump than its predecessor. We still do not recommend using the Corning Gorilla Glass 5 phone as a back-up and screen protection, yet without a sleeve. Because if you are at Gorilla Glass 5, the surface of the phone can be drawn with the keys, but on the other hand it can see the damage when dropped. This, in turn, will cause a lot of money to be wasted when we think that it is the design of what constitutes the greatest appeal of the phone. In the phone, the biggest difference in the design point is that the fingerprint sensor has been in place. If you remember, we overestimated the location of the Galaxy S8 fingerprint sensor.


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The location of this sensor, located right next to the camera, was caused by accidentally touching the camera with your finger when you wanted to use it. Apparently, Samsung would have taken into account our recommendations that the new flagship positioned the sensor under the camera. Thus, the fingerprint sensor was much easier to use than the Galaxy S8. Another nice detail on the Samsung Galaxy S9 is the 3.5 mm headphone jack on the phone. As different brands are now switching to USB-C as headset support, it is quite gratifying that Samsung is maintaining 3.5mm. Thus, the headset can be used comfortably on the phone. Speaking of ready-made sound, it’s a pleasure to have a stereo speaker on the Galaxy S9. We can say that it is “finally made” for this. Because it is a late update. In the meantime, let’s also say that the Galaxy S9 has IP68 certification for its design and that it is water protected for 30 minutes and 1.5 meters depth.

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