BestBuy Flyer Canon 1300D Review Deal

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 15.27.2518MP APS-C sensor with Canon 1300D DIGIC 4+ (with Canon 1200D Digic 4 processor), 3fps serial shooting and 12800 ISO sensitivity. You can capture 30fps Full HD video. You can also combine the short videos you take with the built-in Video Snapshot mode on the camera. The Canon 1300D with a 3 “fixed 920,000 dot LCD screen features Wi-Fi and NFC that are not available on the Canon 1200D. This way, you can send photos directly to your mobile phone or tablet, wirelessly. If you look at the physical properties of the Canon 1300D, you will see that it is not much different from the 1200D.


The positions of the buttons, the weight and size of the camera are almost the same. The mix of carbon pipe and polycarbonate gives the machine a solid feel when you take the machine to your hand. Handy from an ergonomic point of view, the Canon 1300D can only be a minor annoyance in terms of our users with bigger hands, such as Omer, which is not a major disturbance to use. One of the greatest advantages of the Canon 1300D for DSLR first-time adventure users is ease of use. In this respect, nothing much changed compared to the Canon 1200D, which is an advantage.


The ISO and the White Balance buttons are also on the rear panel (for example, these buttons are not available on the Nikon D3300). Other important shooting settings can be made from Quick Access by pressing the Q button. The Mode Dial also has shooting modes such as Night Portrait, Meal, Sports, Macro, Landscape, and Portrait. There is also Creative Auto mode. This mode also allows you to set the background blur manually as well as see the Auto mode function. When you learn Aperture Priority Exposure, you can stop using Creative Auto mode. In addition to these, the Canon 1300D’s two other modes on the mode dial are Video Mode and Non-Flash Mode. One of the most evident improvements of the Digic 4+ processor in the Canon 1300D is the higher buffer capacity compared to the 1200D. The Canon 1200D can capture 69 frames at 3fps while the Canon 1300D can capture 96 frames at 3fps. In RAW format, you can shoot 6 frames in series. Canon 1300D can record video at full resolution (1920 × 1080) at 30fps. You can start the video recording by bringing the mode dial to Video Mode and pressing the Live View button. As mentioned above, there is also a Video Snapshot feature. With this feature, you can capture short videos of 2, 4 and 8 seconds with the camera. One of the most obvious enhancements of the 1300D is its built-in Wi-Fi and NFC capabilities.


This system allows you to transfer photos directly from your camera to your phone or tablet using Canon’s Camera Connect mobile application. Connecting your device to practice is very effortless. Through the application, you can control the ISO sensitivity, exposure compensation, etc. of your machine. The Canon 1300D transfers photos to your phone at full resolution so that you can instantly share your beautiful squares in your social media accounts and smash them into sets. (You can download the application from the Play Store or the Apple Store by clicking on the link.) It takes about 0.7 seconds to turn on the Canon 1300D and take a frame when the speed of your machine comes up. It takes approximately 2 seconds for the image to appear on the LCD screen. The speed of the lens changes according to your choice of lens. The camera comes with a Canon 18-55 IS II. Choose which lens you choose The Canon 1300D has a 9-point retractable system with a smoother spread over the image, so you’ll get pretty sharp images compared to an entry-level camera. Meanwhile, with our LP-E10 battery, our camera can shoot 500 frames on a single charge.

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