Best Buy Flyer Samsung HDR SMART QLED TV Review

Best Buy Flyer Samsung HDR SMART QLED TV Review is on. You can read this article if you are looking for a Samsung TV. Samsung’s secret weapon QLED technology will not spoil the OLED. Everyone was surprised when it was long talked about the future of TV technology as OLED technology. Samsung has also strengthened its leading role in the market by developing the QLED technology. So, it is said that the developed technology will bring the end of OLED technology. The new generation of QLED televisions is among the smartest televisions on the market. It is immediately apparent that Samsung is making too many efforts to make the devices easy and fast.

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The revamped Smart Remote control can be used much better with the next generation Smart Hub. However, with the Smart View application developed by Samsung, mobile devices can also be included in this ecosystem. It is a well-thought-out feature that users can have additional information with the Smart View application. An important feature of the Q8C series, which is available in 55, 65 and 75-inch screen sizes, is that the design has been revisited. There is a 4.2 booster system in this area that can reach 60 Watt output power and is acclaimed for its high sound quality. More importantly, Samsung has developed different concept designs for different living rooms.In addition to presenting different foot designs with modern, classic and new generation designs, users also have the option of wall hanging apparatuses. The rear side of the Q8C, which has a curved structure, is completely closed. Connection entrances pass through the feet and almost do not appear.


However, a connection cable that is almost invisible has also been developed. Called the Invisible Connection Cabel, this connection cable is virtually invisible because it is transparent and slim, as televisions destroy the cable gland we used to see in the back. This is a huge advantage especially for users who want to mount a television wall. This 3-meter-long cable communicates with the One Connect Box connection box, which houses all the inputs and outputs. The advantage of this connection box is that you can keep it where you want it. It is also a well-thought-out feature that your intelligent commander does not need to see this box. You can even keep the box in this cupboard. One Connect Box features 363 x 115 x 34 mm and features three HDMI, three USB, optical audio inputs, WLAN, Bluetooth, CI-Slot, Cable / DVB-T2 and two satellite inputs. Samsung also designed an optional 15-meter-long cable for users with very large rooms.


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