Best Buy Flyer Apple iPhone SE Review

Best Buy Flyer Apple iPhone SE Review available here. Some things get better as they grow. Especially things with the screen … Most people are willing to spend a little more money for a bigger TV, bigger monitor, bigger tablet. Phones are also taking this approach and increasingly growing. Today, 10 of the 11 most popular phones in the world have a screen of 4.6 inches or larger. The only exception is the iPhone 5s, which now has a 4-inch display, which starts at the age of two.


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When Apple followed the trend and drove the bigger iPhone into the market, he noticed that some people did not give up their old and small iPhones, and even millions of new people continue to buy those iPhones. Apple last year sold 30 million near iPhone 5s. If you count the iPhone as non-renewable because you do not want to go to the big screen, there is still a big demand for the small screen iPhones. When the performance of the iPhone 5s was no longer able to meet today’s needs, a new market for Apple was born. IPhone 5s size, superior performance iPhone SE!

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For users with small handles, we know very well that our massive experience with large telephones is essential. It’s hard for many iPhone users to write in one hand or reach the top of the screen without dropping the iPhone 6 (not Plus). The contrast ratio of the screen at 4 inches wide and 1136×640 pixels resolution is 800: 1. This value is lower than the iPhone 6s and other high-end models on the market. It is possible to notice that the iPhone SE is a bit more pale when you place two phones side by side, but the screen quality is far above average. Also, since the resolution is lower than 720p, this screen shows that the film is not very suitable for watching. We will not talk about how much aesthetic the phone looks like and the quality of production. Until today, there are not many people who have not seen the iPhone 5s. The design of the iPhone SE is almost identical to the well-regarded iPhone 5s. Small differences; the edges are less shiny, the Apple logo is now in stainless steel, and the newly added rosé gold color option. Unless you look closely, it’s hard to tell iPhone 5S from the 5s.


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