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After selling the Xbox One in 2013, Microsoft ran the new console Xbox One S after three years of time. The console, which is 40 percent smaller than the previous model, has a portable design, but it does manage to attract attention with its powerful features. Let’s briefly discuss the design of the console before its specifications. With the choice of a black body on the Xbox One, Microsoft has chosen a white color in its new console. The console, which comes face to face with a white-colored and grille-designed body, is the Xbox with the most beautiful design ever. With its fine workmanship, the console, which receives a full note from us in terms of design, is bouncing with minimal design. The Xbox One S is leaving the previous model due to less space. There are three USB 3.0 ports on the front and back of the console. In addition to USB on the front, there is a control key and a new infrared emitter, with two HDMI, IR, optical and Ethernet ports on the back


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Unfortunately, the new controller is only compatible with Xbox One approved headphones, as it was previously with the controller. You need to purchase the Xbox One Stereo headphone adapter to use the headset you want. One of the notable features of the Xbox One S is its built-in power supply. The console does not need a bulky adapter and can be powered by power because it houses a built-in power supply. The Xbox One S can be used vertically as well as the Xbox One. Although the 2-TB model sent to us by Microsoft stands out from the box content, it is necessary to buy an extra stand for vertical use in 500-GB and 1-TB models.


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At present, the high prices of 4K Blu-ray players sold on the market make it attractive to buy the Xbox One S. Although console games can not run at 4K resolution, they can be upgraded to 4K (upscale). Let’s just say that the 4K upgrade does not offer a true 4K gaming experience. Another difference that separates the Xbox One S from the Xbox One is HDR. Along with the summer update that was released at the beginning of August, the Xbox One S also began offering Cortana support. Now available in the US and UK, it is possible to control the Xbox One with voice commands. With the help of Cortana Kinect, which became active through the command “Hey Cortana”, it allows you to create parties and see what your friends are playing. Xbox and Windows stores are also merging with this update.


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A feature named Xbox Play Anywhere also comes with new updates. With this feature, it is possible to have some games on the PC without paying an additional fee on Xbox. It also features back-channel music playback and recording of 60 FPS game videos with the latest update. The OneGuide feature allows TV channels to be viewed on the Xbox One when the HDMI cable from any satellite receiver is connected to the console. In the end, the Xbox One S comes with features that will appeal especially to the latest 4K TV owners. If you are planning to live a true 4K game experience, we recommend waiting for Project Scorpio to be available for sale next year.

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