Sony a7R II DSLR Camera Review Sony Sale

Sony a7R II and a7S II are highly acclaimed by Sony, and the success of the new A99 II is justified. Let’s talk about design before PerformanceAnn presented by the maker of 42K megapixel full frame sensor and 4K video capability that we are accustomed to from Sony’s top segment cameras. Although the number of compact cameras has increased in recent times, the size of the interest in DSLR machines is also high. Sony has developed the a99 II in this direction with the focus of DSLR enthusiasts. From the design of the machine, it is possible to say that it has a great similarity with the a99 model. On the upper left of the a99 II, where a magnesium alloy body is preferred, there is a shooting mode ring on which you can adjust the shooting modes and press and lock.


Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 08.02.49


The Sony a99 II does not have a built-in flash, just like it does on other high end cameras in the market. Especially if you are shooting in low light, you can choose Sony’s optional flashes using the hot shoe socket on the machine. If you are planning to shoot in the studio, you can connect an external light source to the machine using the flash connection on the left side of the machine. The ergonomics of the a99 II is very successful. Unlike the a99 II, E-Mount systems, which have won the accolade thanks to the quick focus system, the A-Mount type system is the answer. Let’s talk briefly about what these systems are if you want. Sony produces interchangeable lens cameras with E-Mount that does not use reflex mirrors or A-Mount with advanced full-aperture mirrors. E mount cameras, with their portability, while A-Mount machines are more noticeable for professional users. Come back to the photo quality of the machine that the reflex mirror is located between the back of the lens and the sensor. Sony’s new flagship machine, with the high-megapixel value as in the A7R II, is very detailed.


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The Sony a99 II also carries magnificent photo performance in the same direction in video quality. Just as Sony is on the market for other top segment machines, the a99 II also supports professional quality S-Log3 and S-Log2 profiles for video recording. Offering a good tonal production to the mid-tone in the shadows, these profiles emphasize and help to control more on the shadows. The a99 II can record 4K videos at 100 Mbps in addition to Full HD video recording. Of course, it is useful to mention that you should use a very fast SD card when selecting this video setting. If you have a slow card, the machine can record 60 Mbps 4K video instead of 100 Mbps. It can play video at 120 frames per second in full HD resolution, and can also transfer wireless images to mobile devices via Wi-Fi and NFC connections. The Sony a99 II meets all expectations of photographers with both photo and video quality.

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