Sobeys Flyer March 6 2017

Sobeys returns with greatest deals on today’s Sobeys Flyer March 6 2017 ! With today’s flyer, you can taste of summer with the fresh products with Chile. There are many options on this flyer such as red or green seedless grapes, plums, blueberries, clementines and many more. You can also take a look at meats (chicken or duck) or seafood with great prices ! As you can see, there are many good deals for your daily shopping and with this flyer, you can save big time ! We sure listed the best deals on this flyer, but you can always check out for more deals and find the best deals yourself. There are also many good deals on snacks and drinks, so if you were looking things like that, then today’s flyer is just for you ! Now, lets check out the best deals on this flyer !

Best Deals on Today’s Flyer

As I said before, today’s Sobeys flyer contains many deals and It was really hard for me to list just six of them. But somewhat I manage to do so and I listed the best deals just for you ! But you are the master of your own house so if you were looking something else than just click the right hand side imge to see more !Sobeys Flyer March 6 2017 Sobeys Flyer March 6 2017

  • Whole Pineapples, $3.99
  • Red or Green Seedless Grapes, $3.77/lb.
  • Orri Clementines , $4.44
  • King Cole Whole Duck, $3.99/lb.
  • Sterling Silver Striploin Steak, $12,99
  • Fresh Tilapia Fillets , $7,99

We come to an end today’s list but deals on Sobeys will continue ! You can always check out for more deals by clicking the right hand side image. Also, please don’t forget to subscribe to our news teller for daily deals and freshest flyers on Canada!

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