Organic Food Benefits, Facts, Scientific Research & FAQs

Organic Food is the new trend for a few years. But one can easily ask that why bother ? Why do we need to eat organic at all ? What are the benefits ? Is there any Scientific Research on this topic ? Now let us clear all that questions for you with Organic Food Facts. What are the real Organic Food Benefits.

What is Organic Food ?Organic Food Benefits, Facts, Scientific Research & FAQs

Organic food is basically the food produced in organic farming. So what is organic farming ? Organic farming is an alternative farming system which started in the 20th century and basically formed as reaction for rapidly changing farming practices (a.k.a Industrializing). In Organic farming, farmers relies on fertilizers with organic origin such as compost, manure or green manure. So in layman’s term, Organic farming is the farming of our ancestors and Organic food is the food that produced in Organic Farming.

Organic Food Benefits

Now the main question here is there any benefit to consume organic food ? In general, organic food consumers, manufacturers, and farmers strongly believe that organic food has the following benefits;

  1. Nutrient-Denser Food
  2. Energetic Body
  3. Tastes Better
  4. Safe from Dangerous Pesticides
  5. Safe from Scary Chemicals
  6. No GMOs
  7. Environmental Safety

But  many scientific research is going on for this topic and a study which was done in 2009 said there was no difference in organic and conventional food. This study was one of the first studies focusing on organic foods and since then, more researchers was analyze the situation. But the newer study in 2012 came up with similar results.

In 2012, another analysis was published by Stanford team. They analyzed 240 studies with 17 comparing populations consuming organic and conventional foods and they report little difference in health benefits between organic and conventional foods, as well as no consistent differences in the vitamin content of organic products.

Where can I buy Organic Food ?

Believe or not, studies shows that the organic food and any conventional food makes no difference. But one can still want to buy organic foods so where can we find such foods ? In, you will see the many flyers from different retailers and they have such items with lowest prices. You can check out Walmart, Freshco and Food Basics flyers for such freshest vegetables, fruits and so on. You can also subscribe our news teller for more deals, news and articles.

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