Microsoft AIO Keyboard Review Microsoft Sale 2017

Every kind of electronic device we use at home is getting smarter. So being able to control them in the best way also becomes a serious priority. The Microsoft All-in-one keyboard offers wireless USB connectivity and a trackpad that makes it easy to use, from smartphones to gaming consoles. The Microsoft All-in-one keyboard, which is marketed only with the black color option, draws attention with its smaller size than the keyboards we are used to in everyday life. This situation initially causes a somewhat longer use of the process of getting used to. After this process, users are expected to have a very comfortable writing experience.


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While designing the device, the space between the keys is narrowed, it does not seem to bother the user. In addition, the preferred key height prevents excessive sound from being produced when writing; The noise situation that disturbs the people around when the quick writing is written is removed. Compatible with many different styles, All-in-one works with the most comfortable Windows operating system of course. When you plug in the USB receiver to your computer, the pairing is done quickly and it is possible to process from our new keyboard. When you do the same with a MacBook Pro, for example, you have to work harder.


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Microsoft already offers functionality limited to Mac OS X from the very beginning. This limited functionality is obvious when you use the trackpad rather than the writing. It is possible to write very smoothly after the necessary installation, the trackpad does not move as fast as desired. Of course, it should be noted that although the keyboard is Microsoft-branded, it supports Apple-specific shortcuts after connecting to MacOS devices.


If you want to use the keyboard with a Smart TV, your job is easy here. If the USB receiver is plugged in, the keyboard is immediately detected and your television is moving to another size. There is absolutely no fluency problem in use that we mentioned earlier on Macs. Something that is the biggest problem of Smart TVs makes it very comfortable to write. You can feel like converting your TV into a computer by just taking a keyboard. Many options such as searching the Internet, searching and selecting content to watch in select-watch applications, making video calls on YouTube, playing games on Smart TVs are now more practical.


Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 12.55.21


If you use your computer to write a lot of text you can see your work comfortably, but we have to remember that there is not a keyboard designed for office work. Are you a user who likes to play games occasionally? All-in-one will see your business if you choose a strategy game in the style of Civilization. Otherwise, you should not expect much performance from this keyboard, which does not have the gaming keyboard allegation. Trackpad offers the greatest convenience on Smart TVs. When we plug the device into the TV, a small mouse cursor appears on the screen. This allows us to reach the things we watch without enduring the control over the torch. With the help of the trackpad, pulling, scrolling, and zooming come to our fingertips as if they were on smartphones.

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