Metro Flyer Food Sale Aug 2017

Metro Flyer Food Sale Aug 2017Metro Flyer Food Sale Aug 2017 available now. In Metro Flyer, you can find good foods for good prices. Let’s check all discounted products and decide what you will buy today. Do not forget to take the biggest shopping cart, you will need that. For dinners, your choices are limitless in Metro. From deli to meet varieties, all discounted and almost for half price. Fresh and healthy products waiting for you in Metro Flyer Food Sale Aug 2017.

I would like to talk about benefits of salmon. Raw fish contains important thiamine, a destructive enzyme for energy production and nervous system. Heat inhibits the activity of this enzyme. For this reason, grill salmon or cook in the oven. Just add black pepper on the salmon and cook for 15-18 minutes.


Salmon’s skin contains high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids and is processed into the meat during cooking. It is suitable for food, but some individuals do not choose their skin because they taste a fat fish that does not go to their likes. If you want to eat your salmon without having to taste extra fish oil, you can add lemon juice before you cook and you can just leave your skin just before eating.

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