Loblaws Flyer February 15 2017 Vegetables

Catch up perfect selections of Loblaws Flyer February 15 2017 for weekly shopping. In this winter days you have to protect our health. In this mission vegetables are gonna help you. They are very healthy and if you know the right way also they can be very delicious. In cooking everyone has a unique sense of taste. So they can help you to find your own sense of taste. You have a lot of way to cook and consume them. For example you can fries the Cauliflower and add some sauce. Also you can make a great cauliflower meals with ground beef and onions. You only need theese three ingredients. Loblaws Flyer February 15 2017 Vegetables

  • Farmer’s Market yellow onions 3 lb bag , $1.99
  • Large White Cauliflower , $4.99
  • Romaine Haerts , $3.49
  • Farmer’s Market Red, Yellow or Russet Potatoes 5 lb bag, $3.49
  • Farmer’s Market Greenhouse Peppers , $3.99
  • Greenhouse Red Tomatoes on the Vine , $2.49/ lb

Peppers and tomatoes and green vegetables gives color and taste every food. You can bring a lot of color and taste with them. Also in their stores has the best quality vegatables. Organic foods are gives you best taste in every bite. Just check our vegetables.

  • Farmer’s Market Grape Tomatoes , $5.99 2lb
  • Mini Cocktail Cucumbers , $4.99/ 1lb bag
  • PC Organics Baby cur Carrots , $2.79 1lb bag
  • Fennel , $2.99
  • Rapini , $3.49
  • Garlic , $1.99/ pkg of 5

Also for your home and for your loved ones we have floral section too. You can give them as a present and also you can decorate and bring some color and freshness in your home.

Floral Section

  • Indoor Potted Bulbs , $6.99
  • Mini Roses , $9.99
  • Pink Hydrangeas , $7.99
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