FreshCo Flyer July 7 2017

Hi everybody and welcome back to brand new deals of FreshCo Flyer July 7 2017. FreshCo is the one of the best retailer when it comes to daily shopping and kitchen needs so feel free and do not waste any time to look at it. FreshCo Flyer July 7 2017
These prices are the one of the best ones on Canada so be quick and grab those deals while you can. There are many deals and countless discounts on various products such as meets, snacks, beverages and many more! We sure listed the best deals but you can always find more deals in this flyer so do not forget to check it out. Now let’s see the deals shall we ?

Grocery, Frozen Foods, Dairy, Household

These items are must for every house so you surely want to check this deals. There are many good offers on today’s flyer when it comes to frozen foods and daily needs of your house so take out your pen and take notes of these deals right now! Now, lets see the best deals of this flyer can offer.

  • Eggo Waffles or Pancakes 244-310g, $2,49
  • Kraft Miracle Whip 650-890mL, $3.99
  • Heinz Ketchup 1.25L, $3.49
  • Giuseppe Pizzeria Mini Pizzas 348-369g or Panini 250g, $1.99
  • Dad’s Cookies 300-320g Peek Freans Cookies 265-350g, $1.99

Today’s FreshCo Flyer July 7 2017 also contains many good deals on Meats and Seafood section too so do not forget to check those out too. In it, you can find many discounts on turkeys, sausages, bacons and halal foods. You can also find our best deal list just here bellow but you might want to check it all out too.

  • Butterball Fresh Seasoned Turkey Drums , $2.99/lb.
  • Maple Leaf Fully Coocked Ready Crisp Bacon, $3.99
  • Catch of the Day Fish Fillets, $8.99
  • Fresh Rainbow Trout Fillets, $8.99
  • Mina Halal Chicken Bologna, $2.49
  • Mina Halal Beef or Chicken Burgers, $7.99
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