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Best Buy Flyer iPhone 11 Pro Review 2019

Best Buy Flyer iPhone 11 Pro Review 2019

Best Buy Flyer iPhone 11 Pro Review 2019 is on now! Apple’s Steve Jobs Theater Phil Schiller presentation of the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max models, we have seen as a 3-camera. According to Apple as usual, the “most powerful iPhone” touted as the iPhone 11 Pro, we looked closely at the Pro model. Now let’s see what iPhone 11 Pro offers …

iPhone 11 Pro Release Date and Price and iPhone 11 Pro: Camera

Firstly, the release date of the iPhone 11 Pro is set as September 20 . The iPhone 11 Pro, which will be opened for pre-order on September 13, will also go on sale with 3 different capacity options. Apple’s new 11 Pro cameras are now 3 units . Thus, the iPhone 11 Pro, which is one of the 3 camera smartphones that we have recently become accustomed to seeing, has 3 cameras placed side by side on a square platform in the form of 12 MP , 12 MP and 12 MP . The iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max have the same capabilities as the camera.

The iPhone 11 Pro’s 12 MP main camera is able to take wide-angle pictures and has an f / 1.8 aperture. This 26mm camera features dual optical image stabilization along with a telephoto camera. The camera system, which comes with 2x optical zoom , 10x digital zoom , is supported by a dual-tone quad LED flash and can record 60 frames at 4K and 240 frames at 1080p.

The second 12 MP camera functions as a telephoto . The 52 mm lens has a f / 2.0 aperture. The third camera comes in ultra-wide angle , which comes with a f / 2.4 aperture.

One of the most important features of the iPhone 11 Pro is this 3-way camera array, as described in the event, will feature Deep Fusion . As a result of the software upgrade, the iPhone 11 Pro will combine 9 pictures with a frame that is not normally possible. At least that’s what Apple said. Obviously we look forward to reviewing this property.

If we talk about the photos we took in the demo area, of course it is not possible to say much in terms of performance. However, we can say that the camera quality of the iPhone is as we know it on the iPhone 11 Pro. In the meantime, the video mode is also praising the night mode, Apple, iPhone Pro 11’de improved the performance of the dark shooting stressed at the launch. We can only experience this in low light conditions.

If we look briefly at the front camera, we can say that the 12 MP and f / 2.2 diaphragm front camera works well enough. The front camera is also able to record video in 4K resolution .

iPhone 11 Pro: Design and Display

Apple, the X line design line iPhone 11’ler did not break much. The iPhone 11 Pro is very similar to the iPhone XS. However, some revisions have been made in size and weight. Of course the camera area is different.

The iPhone 11 Pro is 144 mm long, 71 mm wide and 8.1 mm thick. Yes, the iPhone 11 Pro is thicker than the iPhone XS . On the other hand, it weighs 188 grams and is heavier.

The front and back of the phone with glass material, looks nice, but everyone behind the iPhone 11 series does not seem to like the camera protrusion. Let’s not say that.

Having a 5.8-inch screen, the iPhone 11 Pro produces beautiful images. There is no doubt that the OLED panel has a finger. 82.1 percent of the screen-body ratio of the owner of the phone, the screen still stands on the notch area.

The 1125×2436 pixels display, like the iPhone XS, has a 19.5: 9 aspect ratio and a pixel density of 458 ppi . So for the iPhone 11 Pro, we can say that the iPhone XS offers a similar image. Meanwhile, the screen brightness of the iPhone 11 Pro can reach 1200 nits, and the contrast ratio is based on 2,000,000: 1. 

iPhone 11 Pro: Technical Specifications

Like other iPhone models, the iPhone 11 Pro comes with the iOS 13 and features the Apple A13 Bionic in the processor case. Apple is hiding all the details of this processor, but Phil Schiller said the processor does a great job in many respects.

This processor, which is used extensively in machine learning, has a processing capacity of 1 trillion per second. This number looks attractive, but at the end of the day, the device you use is a mobile phone and you use social media or play games .

Leaving this aside and looking at the infrastructure of the processor, we see that there are 4 performance cores as well as 2 performance cores. According to its predecessor model by 20 percent to iPhone offers a higher performance CPU core of 11 Pro’s performance, 30 percent consume more power. The four efficiency cores are 20 percent faster and 40 percent lower power consumption.

The space allocated for the GPU is 4-core and is designed to be 20 percent faster, while consuming 40 percent lower power. The Neural Engine , which is also one of the CPU’s pens, is an 8-core in the A13 Bionic. This means 20 percent faster performance and 15 percent less power consumption.

With the power saving capabilities of the processor, the iPhone 11 Pro is able to offer up to 4 hours more battery performance than the iPhone XS . However, it is of course important which test scenarios they base this result on. We’ll be able to see this after we put the iPhone 11 Pro into our classic battery tests. Meanwhile, the iPhone 11 Pro uses a larger battery than the iPhone XS. The battery of the iPhone 11 Pro is 3190 mAh .

The iPhone 11 Pro has 6 GB of RAM. Other features include Wi-Fi 802.11ax, Bluetooth 5, 18W fast charging, Qi wireless charging and reverse charging support. The 18W fast charging adapter is included in the box contents on the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. The iPhone 11 is purchased separately.

Apple may have brought a new breath to the smartphones with the iPhone 11 Pro, but at the end of the day, there is no major innovation. It is not possible to say that iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max is an important springboard for Apple . However, both the camera and the performance innovations, the continuation of the iPhone series of fans and those who want to have a new Apple smartphone is the kind you might like.

Best Buy Flyer Samsung Q900R 8K QLED TV Review

The unique capabilities and high performance full marks from us with the Samsung Q900 is 8K TV QLED a new era is starting . Let’s see what this model is among the best of the year. The Samsung Q900R 8K QLED TV is finally with us. The Samsung Q900R is the first 8K resolution TV we’ve ever tested. Let’s give a striking information immediately; 8K televisions are technically 4 times higher than 4K televisions, and 16 times higher resolution than the almost full HD televisions . We will discuss the technical details in the following sections of the review, but let us start with the price and design. The Samsung Q900R series is available in four screen sizes: 65, 75, 82 and 98 inches. We tested the model with 65 inches. You know there are many different comments about the ideal television size and seating distance for your home. There are even those who put screen size and seating distance in mathematical formulas. However, the QLED 8K is the ideal size for your home rather than the size of the living space is proportional to the money in your pocket. You ask why? Let’s give an example immediately; 98 inch size 8K QLED TV ‘s full 340 thousand pounds! Yes, three hundred and forty thousand pounds you read correctly! If you have 340 thousand liras to give to a television without blinking, you can watch at the distance you want without blinking again. Let’s come to the 65-inch screen we tested. The QLED 8K, which we watch from a distance of about 2.5 meters, does not create any size problems, and you can choose 75 inches or even 82 inches depending on your personal taste – as long as your bank account allows. Without forgetting, the 65-inch model has a price tag of 36 thousand TL; unfortunately every new and advanced technology is expensive…

The Samsung Q900R 8K QLED TV has a very simple and stylish design. The frame borders have a very thin but thick body (34.1 mm), although not zero. Although body thickness is a lane where television manufacturers have competed for a long time, they will in fact agree that consumers are not interested in thickness, which we don’t talk about anymore. Approximately 30 kg body weight to keep the balance in the right and left dual foot design is preferred. Considering the 98-inch model weighs 85 kg, it is clear why the dual-foot design is preferred in the series. One of the remarkable design features of the television is a single cable connection called One Invisible Connection. In this way, you can connect all your devices to the television with a single cable. Transparent coated cable attracts no attention on the wall. So how do we transfer audio and video from our devices to television? That’s where One Connect Box comes in. One Connect Box is a TV-independent control and connection unit. You can “store ün this unit with your other devices anywhere in your home and get rid of cable piles. Especially for those who want to hang the television on the wall, a single cable is a great advantage. Since there is no connection behind your TV, zero- to- wall mounting is possible . There is a special socket on the back of the TV for wall-to-wall mounting and a series-specific wall mount.

Best Buy Flyer Samsung Q900R 8K QLED TV Review Another unique feature of the Samsung Q900R 8K QLED TV is that you look at an “artwork yerine instead of a blank black screen when the TV is turned off with Ambient Mode . Yeah, we’re no longer condemned to television that turned into a giant black hole when it was closed. There are too many details to fit in these lines to be explained about Ambience Mode. To summarize, however, in this mode your TV can display interactive backgrounds that are compatible with the design of your home or the texture of your wall when it is turned off. You can choose from ready-made designs and wall colors, or take a picture of your wall with the SmartThings app and use it in the background of your TV. When you match the background of your wall with your TV, it really looks great. Ambience Mode is not actually a new feature for Samsung users. Previous models also had Ambience Mode . However, the renewed Ambience Mode content, which also includes the works of famous artists, makes a difference. In summary, this mode; it makes the TVs a point of attraction in the center of the house again – even when the television is off….

The Samsung Q900R 8K QLED TV features a sleek and easy-to-use remote. Remarkable with its design that resembles the first generation Apple TV remote, it is certainly more capable than the Apple TV remote and much more elegant compared to the “new” Apple TV remote. We give the commander full marks, but we need to say that he stayed in the classroom about voice commands. You can give voice command by running Bixby with a single button but there is no Turkish language support. Samsung’s large audience and in a country like Turkey to have the data Bixby’n still do not really understand the Turkish language support offer … Overall TV’s interface is also very successful. You get used to the interface of the television in minutes. You can also use the SmartThings app to control the television instead of using the control physically . The SmartThings application is more capable than the physical controller. It also offers additional features that you cannot access with the TV remote control, such as the Ambience Mode. The SmartThings application can be used on the phone as well as on the TV independent of the phone. This way, you can control your IoT devices in the Samsung SmartThings ecosystem on your TV. In our tests, we were able to control our Samsung air conditioner via SmartThings. Good news; We got rid of another remote.

We’re sure all of you have the question needed Where will we find 8K content? Lında. You’re on the right spot, because we asked the same question to Samsung. Thanks to the demo content they shared with us, we had a real 8K experience . However, as you may have guessed, this content displays unrealistic images of the kind you’re used to seeing at points of sale. So what are we going to buy 8K TV and watch? Samsung QLED 8K TV models feature an 8K AI upgrade . This means that it is possible to view standard images that are not 8K resolution. Thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning, the QLED 8K analyzes the images and performs the upgrade. The results are quite successful. Netflix and Apple TV We did not feel the lack of 8K image in the movies and series we watched over. This image processing capability comes from the Quantum 8K processor with artificial intelligence . Technically working like a computer, QLED 8K is able to instantly view and manage TV performance via the TV Device Manager. TV Device Manager contains CPU, RAM and storage data. For example, you can clear the cache to improve performance, or free up memory by turning off unused background applications. The television also supports the Quantum HDR 24X, and can use smart modes to make the best audio and video settings. YOU MAY INTEREST Nominated to be the best of the year; Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus review Let’s come to different viewing angles and reflections from the most curious ones. First QLED on how to prevent reflections 8K TV to say it was very successful needs . At the same point, our old TV reflects like a mirror in direct light, while the QLED 8K TV reduces the reflections incredibly. The television also provides lossless viewing from different angles, evenly distributing light and reducing leaks. Direct Full Array 16X adjusts the brightness and contrast of the LEDs locally, minimizing the disadvantages of backlighting. Finally, let’s talk about blacks. It will be very concise, but the QLED 8K TV is the Samsung model we have experienced the best blacks to date . We want to underline a point here. There is a noticeable difference between past and 2019 models about blacks. So if you have a black obsession, you should definitely choose one of the 2019 models. The TV has a 60W audio output and a Dolby Digital Plus support. Sound quality and level are predictive. However, for movie and music fans, we recommend using a soundbar. There are soundbar options optimized for Samsung’s QLED models . Best Buy Flyer Samsung Q900R 8K QLED TV Review

Best Buy Flyer iPhone 11 Detailed Review

Best Buy Flyer iPhone 11 Detailed Review available now! We ‘re here to make a detailed preview of Apple’s latest and most affordable iPhone 11 in US dollars . With all the details we have learned, all the notes we have taken, we will examine all the cons, advantages and innovations of the new iPhone. Almost the same price as the iPhone will be sold to Turkey in the past year the price of 11 families abroad, always lower than the initial level. The base segment iPhones are the top step of luxury. Is it really worth the cost ? Let us answer all your questions.

Before you start, click here for the features of iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max . In this article, we only deal with iPhone 11 and its differences from other devices. Apple, founder Steve Jobs in 1985, the board fired the decision. The reason for this was Apple’s failures, the bill was cut Jobs. Jobs, Apple has sold its shares, he established a new company, the inner world was to explore. Returning to Apple in 1997, Steve Jobs used the Zen philosophy he embraced in almost all units, products and business strategy of the company. This strategy made itself felt in every product, especially the first iPhone model introduced in 2007. This philosophy, not for functionality, but for simplicity, has made Apple come to these days . 6 years after the death of Steve Jobs, Apple, iPhone series 10 years, with the iPhone X appeared. At that time, the company began to receive the first criticisms of its design away from the zen philosophy in the iPhone series. Then in 2018, the iPhone showed that he didn’t mind the critics with the XS family. It continued to set sectoral standards, although not as much as before. 

We finally saw the 2019 iPhone 11, Pro and Pro Max . Again, without changing the design standards, Apple has taken the design line without any radical change. Don’t get me wrong, there are people who like features like the notched display standardized with the iPhone X. However, the philosophy that Steve Jobs embraced, which lies at the heart of the company, is now becoming increasingly obscure. The new iPhone family, especially the rear camera module, takes up an area that seriously affects the line. Best Buy Flyer iPhone 11 Detailed Review Interpreting the new generation camera standards with its own understanding of the sector, Apple evolved to a design concept that Steve Jobs would not like if he had lived to a serious audience . Perhaps this is why John Ive, one of Jobs’s closest friends, left Apple in recent months . Though Ive is behind the iPhone X design, Tim Cook is the head of the company instead of Jobs. Cook seems to continue to receive harsh criticism along with the new iPhone family . The new iPhone, Apple’s standards in recent years is carrying the standards very well. You can opt for the rear camera module and notch if it’s not a problem for you. Before dreaming, we recommend you to take a closer look at the other features of the device until you know the prices .

The iPhone XR also comes with a choice of colors inherited from the iPhone SE and iPhone 5C. Purple is included in these colors, while other options are white, yellow, green, black and, of course, Apple’s red for the AIDS awareness (Product RED) . The iPhone 11 features a square module with an additional double rear belt that protects the popular design with the iPhone XR. The frames are a bit thicker than their siblings, the upper segment Pro and Pro Max. Considering that the screen is LCD , we are able to ignore this thickness.

The body of the new iPhone is made of glass, which is the case in the last two models to protect wireless charging support. Apple knows that the use of glass will negatively affect the robustness of the phone. Still, this isn’t just Apple’s problem, it’s almost the whole industry’s problem. Metal materials disable wireless charging. We know that Apple has enriched its glass alloys to improve robustness, while not sacrificing the phone to a rough design. However, dropping the phone from ear level to even a hard surface can be heartbreaking. Ultimately, glass, resistance increases, the cost of  rising material. 

As always, the iPhone 11 Pro Max can be used with a sleeve or with different protection options. Especially when you spend almost as much on a phone as a wedding, car or home loan, you may want to carry it with special protection, not a case. As we said, we will come back to the price issue. The frame of the iPhone 11 is made of aluminum alloy. Apple’s choice of aluminum in the new iPhone instead of metal alloy is completely cost. Of course, while lowering costs, relatively hard but soft aluminum is preferred over other alloys to avoid compromising strength.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max robustness test will be available on our YouTube channel as soon as you get it. Click here to subscribe to our channel, you can open notifications. This year Apple has set a strategy that will change both its competitors and sectoral perceptions. The new iPhone directly replaces the previous year’s price-performance device, the iPhone XR. Well what does it mean? For example, you will have a new iPhone that is low-priced, low-capacity and more affordable . Let’s explain with an example. You went to the movies and you want to buy corn. In the price list, you saw 3 options, small, medium and large. If you take the small one, you will see the future, and you have turned to the middle. But you also saw that big size is only 1 TL more expensive… You bought big corn which is both satisfying and abundant .

Now, this strategy is a thing of the past… Apple changed the strategy it pursued with iPhone X and iPhone XS Max to iPhone 11. The aim of the company was to direct people to the largest and most expensive iPhone. Just like the corn in the movie theater… iPhone X or iPhone XS Max would sell well like the big corn in the cinema. People preferred the iPhone 8 and the iPhone XR. Apple also kept up with this trend and this time, the direct brand of the iPhone 11 has set. Yes, the iPhone 11 replaces the iPhone XR. Moreover, 50 dollars cheaper, more expensive brand perception began to sell.It is difficult to know how this idea will be reflected in sales. Huawei P30 family, Samsung Galaxy S10 family, the main models of the devices were the middle. With its new strategy, Apple both plays to change perceptions and tries to equalize its rivals .

If Apple succeeds with its new strategy, it can add value to the industry. Because much of the tactics taught in marketing lessons to date, Apple’s. Because the company sells the prestige and pleasure of having more than a physical product . There is no exception for the new iPhone. Apple’s own brand of mobile processor chips in the A series of processors, the latest iPhone models, along with the new member has attained. A13 Bionic ; A 6-core CPU, a 6-core GPU, and new external hardware, called Deep Fusion , are responsible for new inputs.

In addition, the chipset that manages the connections of the iPhone 11 family such as 4G LTE and Bluetooth 5.1 is built into the A13 Bionic. The most striking aspect of the new CPU is that it is customized for augmented reality. What does this augmented reality mean, even on the new iPhone? All smartphone manufacturers now know that cameras will be used not only for photos and video, but also for interacting with the environment with different sensors. Augmented reality is an upper stage of the less popular virtual reality. The magic of technology bringing virtual objects into non-virtual environments, the real world . If you’ve used Instagram’s front camera filter before, you’ve experienced augmented reality. The Apple A13 Bionic , thanks to its customized cores, processes visual data for augmented reality, while avoiding the burden of other processing units.

All the new iPhone models have the A13 Bionic as standard, while the iPhone 11, which is only the starter, has 4GB of RAM in support. The LCD screen of the iPhone 11, which we will discuss in detail, requires less visual quality than the Pro and Pro Max. This means  that the A13 Bionic will be much less tired, even with low RAM memory . In response to Apple’s A13 Bionic step , we’ll see Huawei’s Kirin 990 . Qualcomm and Samsung’s next-generation mobile chips will soon heat up the market. Most 2020 phones will have 5G support, including the 2020 versions of the iPhone. In short, the A3 Bionic is Apple’s final processor , perhaps without 5G support . The iOS 13 is a separate issue for the future of other iPhones. However, according to the details mentioned in the launch of Apple, the iPhone 11 is a special phone for iOS 13. Even and even the performance of the A13 Bionic will be more efficient with the iOS 13 .

Of course, there are very few people who will buy an iPhone 11 and install an older version of iOS. However, in the codes of iOS 13, we have reached the details that Apple is working on an augmented reality system, and we have passed on to you. iOS 13 is an operating system for the new iPhones, both in new camera modes and in augmented reality-supported applications. More detailed information about iOS 13 will be available with a huge update on September 19. After this update, the advantages that iPhone 11 will offer with iOS will become clearer. For the time being, we can say that there will be significant performance improvements for the more convenient processing of visual data . LCD panels are a thing of the past for a flagship phone, but not for Apple. The same resolution as the iPhone XR, a bit more vivid colors and a high pixel density LCD panel, the iPhone 11 found itself in the. 

Apple iPhone 1 to 6.1 inches in size 1792 x 828 pixel resolution, 326 ppi opted for a screen with a pixel density. You may not prefer a less attractive HD display instead of 2K or 4K displays. Nevertheless, the iPhone 11 can adequately meet your basic needs. The iPhone 11’s LCD display features True Tone and Haptic Touch technologies. Haptic Touch allows you to use different functions in applications depending on the duration of the touch. We knew him when he replaced the 3D Touch on the iPhone X, and we got used to it over time. The iPhone 11 also has a wake-up mode when you tap the classic screen. As a result, the screen of the new iPhone, although compatible with the next generation LCD panel technologies, leads to a significant quality difference between its siblings. In addition, the touch screen is not as high as the OLED displays. Apple’s introduction of the Apple Arcade system, the launch of the new iPhone is a broad clue to the promises of the game. Apple Arcade ipados is compatible with iOS and monthly $ 4.99 a game with prices starting platform . Of course, those who wish, without taking advantage of this system can continue to enjoy the game.

We all know Apple doesn’t and doesn’t make gaming phones. Apple’s most important starting point is to offer iPhone models that can be used in a smart phone. This also applies to the iPhone 11 . Of course you don’t just have to go to the game and buy your iPhone, but because the iPhone gets too much wanting to have a good gaming experience. This device can be the best on the market thanks to the A13 Bionic . But this does not last long. Due to the difference in display, it is possible to say that the iPhone 11 will be one step behind in terms of visuality in games. Nevertheless, it will provide a high level of experience, especially in augmented reality supported games . According to our observations both during and after the event, Apple has managed to appeal to mobile players with the iPhone 11. The increase in the quality and capacity of mobile processor chips in recent years has finally made itself felt in the iPhone series.

Best Buy Flyer Apple iPhone XR Review 2019

Best Buy Flyer Apple iPhone XR Review 2019

Best Buy Flyer Apple iPhone XR Review 2019 available to check here online. Apple , this year with three new iPhone models, while pulling up a bit with the new generation of processors brought us. The most ği budget-friendly ild version of the new model is the iPhone XR . Apple encountered iPhone XWe did not know exactly what to feel before it came out. The iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max models, which emphasize that the frameless but notched screen design that starts with the iPhone X is permanent, as well as the iPhone XR, which we released with the quota of zorla We didn’t forget those who didn’t want to force the budget altın, is in our opinion the most dilemma about buying or not buying users. According to Apple, this device is already a favorite of users. As you know, the iPhone manufacturer no longer shares sales statistics, but since the introduction of the device, the best-selling new iPhone model has been recorded. So what do we think about this device? Why do we believe there is potential to reduce the dilemma? Come and see. We’re going to start with design first. When you remove the iPhone XR from the box, the first thing to notice is the thickness of the device. The iPhone X comes with a body away from the fineness of the device, iPhone 6 Plus model has a thick body. At the edges of the old iPhone models we are used to the aluminum frame of the rear body of the device is made of glass material. Although the iPhone has a bulky feel when compared to the X, the glass body is able to strengthen the perception of great premium Elde.


Best Buy Flyer Apple iPhone XR Review 2019

Best Buy Flyer Apple iPhone XR Review 2019


Let’s get to the color thing. As you know, the iPhone XR is the family’s X color iniz name, like the iPhone 5c. Six different color options were available in the test center. Obviously we have to admit that we’re a little disappointed. Because of a colorful iPhone model, we would like to examine the color versions that really attract attention. Especially when the color of the coral was chosen in 2019, it would be nice to host a coral-colored iPhone in our test center. Color models seem to be very “plastic”, especially at a distance. However, as we said, we did not have the opportunity to examine this. On the other hand, we can say that the white model is a very model safe Öte model. The glass body doesn’t look like plastic at all. In the white body, details such as fingerprints are disgusting. That’s why we thought the white iPhone XR was one of the safest models in terms of design. Let’s come to the front panel and the most controversial point of the device. Color models seem to be very “plastic”, especially at a distance. However, as we said, we did not have the opportunity to examine this. On the other hand, we can say that the white model is a very model safe Öte model. The glass body doesn’t look like plastic at all. In the white body, details such as fingerprints are disgusting. That’s why we thought that the white iPhone XR was one of the safest models in terms of design. Let’s come to the front panel and the most controversial point of the device. Color models seem to be very “plastic”, especially at a distance. However, as we said, we did not have the opportunity to examine this. On the other hand, we can say that the white model is a very model safe Öte model. The glass body doesn’t look like plastic at all. In the white body, details such as fingerprints are disgusting. That’s why we thought the white iPhone XR was one of the safest models in terms of design. Let’s come to the front panel and the most controversial point of the device.


Best Buy Flyer Apple iPhone XR Review 2019

Best Buy Flyer Apple iPhone XR Review 2019


The iPhone XR comes with a LCD screen that is not OLED like other models. The LCD used on the screen is the largest LCD ever used on an iPhone. This is a correct expression when the frames are removed. But there is a problem, as the farewell sensor spreads out to the LCD screen on the screen. With the iPhone X, iPhone Xs or iPhone Xs Max, you can put the screens of the iPhone XR model side by side and hit your face when you open the screen. Let’s not overdo it by saying “Stay Now”, but if you’re using an iPhone X before, you can choose the thickness of those frames as you open them, even if the phone isn’t on your side. The reason for these frames is the LCD screen. As the edges of the LCD panel cannot be approached too much, let’s say the edges are black as close as possible di with strange black frames. Obviously, this detail disturbed our eyes. However, we have previously used the iPhone X for a long time and we are uncomfortable with this. Users who use iPhone 8 and earlier may not notice this detail when they switch to the iPhone XR. Let’s add that the device offers water resistance to IP67 standards. To summarize the design, we are facing a slightly thicker, somewhat bulky iPhone model. However, it offers an alternative to the user with its color options.