Best Buy Flyer Apple AirPods 2017 Review

Best Buy Flyer Apple AirPods 2017 Review available to check here now. After a long wait, AirPods, which was finally offered for sale, brought worries from the day it was introduced. Apple was one of the earliest phone makers to give up the headphone jack with the iPhone 7. Yes, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have a headset with a Lightning connection. In addition, to use your favorite headset, the adapter that turns the Lightning input into a 3.5mm headphone jack is also included in the box, but with a single Lightning connection, it prevents the phone from charging while listening to music. This caused the iPhone users who used the phone to be very active, unable to raise the battery at the end of the day to complain about the situation.

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As a solution, it is possible to find an adapter that plugs in the single Lightning connector into the headphone jack, but this much cable complicates the people. Apple’s solution to this situation is completely wireless AirPods. Of course, it’s all wireless, which is completely wireless. As soon as we opened the package, we compared the box size of the AirPods to the flap box. It’s so easy to pair the iPhone with AirPods that it’s hard to even say matching it. All you have to do is move the AirPods box closer to the iPhone with the cover open. Instantly, the status of the charge is displayed on the iPhone screen with the icons of the AirPods headphones and the box.


All you need to do is touch the map button on the iPhone screen. From now on, your AirPods headphones will be paired with your iPhone and you can start using them instantly. If you are listening to music while listening to your headphones, the infrared sensors on both headphones detect the moment when your ear is not in your ear and your music is paused. If you do it again, it is detected by the same sensors that your ear is in your ear, and it goes on pretty quickly from where you left the music, without any hang or waiting. This becomes a very useful feature when you do not notice that there is an earpiece in your ear and there are people trying to talk to you.

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You can answer it by removing your momentary headset and then you can continue from where you left your music. But when we take a single headphone out of your ear for a while, we see that the music is paused when you put the headphone back on. Pausing is likely to be related to battery management. It is also possible to use the headphones alone. If you want to keep listening to music with a single headset, remove the headset you do not want to use from your ear and put it in the box, then you have to press the repeat button on the iPhone screen or command Siri to play. If you do not put your earbuds in your ear box, the sound continues to come from it. When you put it in your box, the sound on the headset is cut off. This is the Apple W1 chip on AirPods for streamlined use.


This chip has everything from wireless to sound quality, battery management. A wireless headset that was so seamless and easy to connect was not exactly what we expected. We can say that the sound quality is also quite satisfactory. If you are expecting “listening to music” on the road, at work, at school, AirPods will be a very enjoyable headset for you too, but if you are looking for a high-quality music experience AirPods may not be able to pass you by yourself. In addition, AirPods does not include noise suppression while listening to music. It is possible to hear outside sounds while listening to music.


Both headphones provide 5 hours of music playback on a single charge. Obviously, the 5-hour battery life for such a small device is quite impressive in our opinion. This owes its impressiveness to the W1 chip, which also provides battery optimization. In addition to being a guardian, it also acts as a charging station to ensure that you do not lose AirPods units over time if you do not use a small white box with a rounded edge much smaller than the wired EarPods box. Thanks to the magnets inside the box, the headphones are pulled into the box and are fully seated. This not only makes it feel pretty nice, but it also avoids any errors when charging. We have witnessed situations such as not having the headphones charged when testing cordless headphones from different brands before because they are not fully seated in the housing. Such a disagreeable situation suffers a lot from the user experience. AirPods does not allow such a fault. If you want to check newest deals of Apple, check it out now Best Buy Flyer Apple AirPods 2017 Review.

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