Al Premium Food Mart Flyer January 31 2017 welcomes you the brand new Al Premium Food Mart Flyer January 31 2017. From now on, you can find the best deals, discounts and weekly flyers of Al Premium Food Mart on  On Al Premium Food Mart , you can find the freshest meats, safest seafood and most delicious bakeries. Al Premium Food Mart  also serves you the Halal Meats, so if you looking for something like that, Al Premium Food Mart  is the best place to shop.  Today’s flyer contains many good deals and discounts, so if you looking best place for grocery shopping, Al Premium Food Mart  is the best place to start. There are also Al Premium Food Mart  Kitchen service available,  so if you don’t want to spend your time on preparing meals, just pick up the convenience foods onAl Premium Food Mart . Now lets see the best deals on today’s flyer

Best Deals on Today’s FlyerAl Premium Food Flyer January 31 2017

We listed the best deals on Al Premium Food Mart just for you and it is time to check them out ! Today’s flyer contains many good items on different sections, so feel free to check them out right now ! You can view the whole flyer with clicking the right hand side image.

  • Fresh Beef Strip , $6,98/lb
  • Fresh Pork Ham, $0,98
  • Fresh Beef Flank Steak, $4,98/lb
  • Golden Pomfret, $4,99/lb
  • White Snapper, $5,99/lb
  • Fresh Seabass, $5,99/lb

Now lets see the Halal Food Section of the Al Premium Food Mart

  • Frozen Goat, $4,99/lb
  • Veal Shoulder, $3,99/lb
  • Chicken Breast, $3,99/lb
  • Halal Marinated Lamb Chops, $6,99/lb

Our list ends here but today’s deals on Al Premium Food Mart don’t. So do not forget to check out this brand new flyer right now ! Subscribe our news teller for newest flyers, amazing discounts and countless retailers !

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