Metro Flyer August 9 2017 – New Lower Prices

Hello everyone, we just have 10 hours to present you the Metro Flyer August 9 2017 – New Lower Prices! This flyer is almost expires so be quick and claim your needs while you can! In today’s flyer, there are many good deals and discounts in various items such as coffee, meat, snacks, Fresh 2 Go Panini and so on. There are also many good deals on cleaning products so do not miss them too. As we said, this flyer will expire today and you have to be hurry to take all you need. In Summer Savings section, you can find many good discounts on snacks, drinks and sauces. This section basically have everything you need to trow a party! There are other sections worth checking out, so click HERE to see all deals. Now, let’s see the editor’s choices for best discounts!

New Lower Prices

You can find the best deals on Metro Flyer August 9 2017 in the New Lower Prices section. In it, there are many good deals on various types of items such as snacks, coffee, meat, cereal and any other daily needs. So, if you are looking for resupply your provisions, than today’s flyer is just for you!11

  • Irresistible Artisan Angus Roast Beef, $2.79/100g.
  • Nescafe or Taster’s Choice Instant Coffee, $4.99
  • Kashi Cereal, $3.99
  • Gatorade Sports Drinks, 3 for $4.00
  • Dr. Oetker Pizza, $3.99

These are the best deals on today’s Metro Flyer August 9 2017 but do not forget to check out all deals on today’s flyer too! Also, there are many good deals on today’s flyer so if you are looking for anything else, then do not forget to check our in HERE. See you on next deals!

Metro Flyer Home Sale 4 Aug 2017

Metro Flyer Home Sale 4 Aug 2017Let’s check out newest Metro Flyer Home Sale 4 Aug 2017. As you know, it is the time for blueberries. So, Metro offers you really tasty Canadian blueberries this week. If you seek for healthier ideas blueberries awaits you in the fruit aisle. Also, you can check some vegetable juices out in Metro Flyer this week. In the first page, find the Mott’s Clamato or Garden Vegetable Cocktail, Welch’s or Orangina Juice. It is a great way to warm yourself up for the fall. Even though it is just August yet, time passes too fast and weather will not be that warm. Keep your health stable and enjoy with these amazing ideas! Metro Flyer this week is just on! Instead of soft drinks, these look more innocent.

Secondly, find an amazing breakfast plan for your family with Metro Flyer Home Sale 4 Aug 2017 this week! In the first page, Olymel Bacon is on sale to make your breakfast times way tastier. It can be the best Sunday breakfast material! You can try it out with eggs and cheer yourself and family up! It is really tasty idea from Metro Flyer this week. If you want to enlarge your breakfast, check out Schneiders Grill’ems or Juicy Jumbo Wieners. Those can be a great company with bacon and eggs. All in all, Metro Flyer this week, delicious solutions awaits your interest, do not miss them!

Metro Flyer July 10 2017

They continue to offer you attractive offers to reduces to cost of weekly shopping ! Various popular , good looking , fresh and great quality products have been selected by Metro and they are on sale now ! This store always works with top brands. In short, their stores are one of the best places in Canada to get the best brand’s product with the lowest prices. If you have a weekly shopping plan , you should benefit their awesome opportunities ! On this article , you will come across special options of Metro Flyer July 10 2017. Let’s check it out and look at what you have on this flyer.

Your Metro , Your Savings…

This flyer is totally 16 pages. All pages have been checked by me for you. I will give you some good information about their deals on this article. Don’t worry , you will not see unnecessary advices when you read this. I have seen different and unique offers on every page. I suggest you create a shopping list because you will reach perfect solutions to pay less for the best.

Cover page is drawing attention !

First of all , you will see many types of selections when you browse on cover page. Most of them are on discount up to $6.00 ! It is possible to see various products such as deli , meat , bakery , frozen , seafood , household , sauce and drink. In my opinion , the best selection on this page is Flamingo Breaded Chicken or Chicken wings for $6.00. You can save up to $6.00 when you buy it.

In addition , if you buy more some selections on main page , you will save more. For example ; when you buy 2 of Marc Angelo italian sliced deli meats , you will pay only $10.00. You shouldn’t miss this deal.

Metro Savings Red Grill Sirloin Tip Steak Value Pack $3.99 LB.
Red Grill Sirloin Tip Steak $3.99 LB.
Metro Savings Atlantic salmon steaks family pack only $7.99 lb.
Atlantic salmon steaks only $7.99 lb.
Metro Savings Flamingo Breaded Chicken are on sale up to 50%
Flamingo Breaded Chicken are on sale up to 50%

Also , super fresh fruits , veggies , salads and flowers can be browsable on this flyer. They introduce you local , organic and natural selection with reasonable prices. You will find lots of healty products when you browse on pages 3 and 4. I think , you should especially focus on part of organic. These selections are healthier than others. They do not contain hormones. Your first choice should always be organic.


Beautiful flowers are also on sale. Moreover , you will save up to $6.00 when you buy some selected products. First Gladiolas of the season are waiting for you to be discovered. You can get this only $7.99. If you buy 3 of them, you will pay only $20.00.

Metro Produce Cored Golden Pineapples only $4.99
Cored Golden Pineapples only $4.99
Metro Produce Gala Apples $1.79 / lb.
Gala Apples $1.79 / lb.
Metro Produce Seedless watermelon ouarters $0.99 / lb.
Seedless watermelon ouarters $0.99 / lb.

Metro Flyer June 18 2017 Father’s Day

You decide how much you want to save today with awesome product list of Metro for your weekly shopping today ! Their reasonable prices and perfect product selection make Freshco an amazing place for a good weekly shopping. You can reach more what you are looking for easily here. They always have fabulous choices of produce and grocery, with almost everything in both organic and non-organic varieties. Therefore , you should always be alert on their flyers. Today,I will show you which products are on sale on Metro Flyer June 18 2017. Here you go !Metro Flyer June 18 2017 Father's Day

Cause you deserve the best !

All pages of this flyer have been checked by me for you. And , I have seen many more specials and better options unlike other stores. For example ;they picked the best brands and also carried some interesting things that you won’t many stores. On this flyer , you will come across many parts such as part of salad and local selections different from others .Especially,my favourite feature of this flyer is that contains many delicious selections for Father’s Day. You should focus on this part.

They have so many healthy choices and fresh produce on this flyer. Local selections , good looking fruit , super fresh vegetables , organic products , nearly everything you can imagine they have it on here. This means this flyer half of Metro store you haven’t seen many selections yet. Particulary , you must prefer organic selections. Let’s start !

Good looking fruit and vegetables ;

  • Red or ataulfo mangoes , 3 for $5.00
  • Strawberries or organic raspberries , 2 for $7.00
  • Jumbo cantaloupes , $3.49
  • Black or red plums , $3.49 lb.
  • Cobb salad muskaka chicken salad , $5.99
  • Seedless watermelon quarters , $0.99 lb.
  • Seedless cucumbers , 2 for $3.00
  • Belle grove sliced white or crimini mushrooms , 2 for $5.00

Organics and florals ;Metro Flyer June 18 2017 Father's Day

  • Organic strawberries , $4.99
  • Organic blueberries , $3.99
  • Organic attitude salads , $3.99
  • Organic cotton candy grapes , $4.99 lb.
  • Intermediate roses , 3 for $20.00
  • Premium orchid , $16.99
  • African violets , 3 for $5.00
  • Hydrangea , $7.99

The meat part is well stocked with various local meat and plenty of organic selections. If you are in search for meat for fair prices and not the ridiculous amounts that trendy places charge, you’ll be happy with this prices. Let’s check on pages 5 and 6 and get what you need with lower prices. Not only meat , you will see some seafood products and popular frozens on this pages.

Super fresh meat ;Metro Flyer June 18 2017 Father's Day

  • St.Louis pork side ribs , $5.49 lb.
  • Red grill marinated beef ribs , $7.99 lb.
  • Fresh pork back ribs , $5.99 lb.
  • Red grill beef back ribs , $4.99 lb.
  • Seasoned st.louis pork ribs , $5.99 lb.
  • Red grill beef short ribs , $7.99 lb.
  • Fresh lean ground beef patties , $4.99 ea.
  • Seasoned new zealand lamb burgers , $6.99 lb.

Seafood ;

  • Fresh wild caught skinless icelandic cod portions , $3.99 ea.
  • Wild caught ontario pickerel fillets , $11.99 ea.
  • Pacific white shrimp or scampi skewers , $1.99 ea.
  • Store made maple leaf shrimp , $9.99 ea.
  • Irresistibles canned salmon strips , $5.99
  • Cedar plank salmon , $4.99 ea.
  • Trident wild pacific salmon , $5.99 ea.
  • The keg bacon wrapped scallops , $14.99 ea.Metro Flyer June 18 2017 Father's Day

Happy Dad’s Day !

When you check on page 7 , you will see many delicious tastes ! Cakes , many types of bread , cookies , pies , buns , croissant and more are waiting for you to be tried ! Especially , part of organic is drawing attention. My favourite of this part is Premiere moisson organic bread for $4.49. In addition , Today is Father’s day! If you get the good gifts for your hero , don’t forget visiting Metro to buy a cake for celebrations. Fruity, chocolate and many style cakes are available on this part.

Cakes ;

  • Front street bakery cake , $23.99
  • Father’s Day dessert cake , $14.99
  • Front street bakery mouse cake , $17.99
  • Swiss milk chocolate truffle cake , $23.99
  • Front street bakery triple strawberry boston custard cake , $14.99
  • Front street bakery red velvet cake , $23.99
  • Movie theme cake , $27.99

Delicious selections ;

  • Silver hills bakery sprouted organic ancient grains bread , $3.99
  • Dave’s killer organic bread , $5.99
  • Raisin bread , $2.99
  • Irresistibles artisan pies , $3.99
  • Family pack cookies , $6.99
  • Adonis pita bread , $0.99
  • Homestyle lemon pie , $3.99

You can check other pages if you want to see more details , informations and discounts. Also , If you find the products you want to buy on this article , You can create your own shopping list by clicking the button on the left of the products. Enjoy shopping with awesome deals and prices of Metro.

Metro Flyer June 5 2017

You will find everything expected from a store in Metro ! Affordable prices, quality product selections, regular shelves and many features are enough reasons to be a good store. Moreover , they provide them every week regularly. Whenever you look at their flyers , you will probably come across awesome options to reduce cost of weekly shopping. It is always possible to reach more deals , lower prices and special opportunities here. On this week , Metro Flyer June 5 2017 introduces you new ones. A lot of great quality and the freshest products can be found with reasonable prices here !Metro Flyer June 5 2017

Find your favourites !

Some parts of this flyer have been checked by me for you. I like their product list very much. They seem to have reduced the prices of all products. If you have a plan for weekly shopping , you must visit their stores. Make sure that you will reach more what you are looking for. Let’s browse which products are on discount now.

Every page contains great opportunities, but first I want to start with cover page of this. You can find all kinds of products here as well as wonderful options to pay less for the best products for weekly shopping. Catch up awesome chances to save up to $12.00 ! On this page , my favourite product is Gatorade sports drinks for $3.99 ea. When you buy it , you will save at least $3.00 !

Your Metro , Your savings !

  • Balderson 2 year royal canadian cheddar (100g) , $2.49
  • Red grill bone in striploin steak value pack , $6.99 lb.
  • Boneless centre cut pork loin roast , $2.49 lb.
  • Irresistibles artisan pies , $5.99 ea.
  • Fresh atlantic salmon steaks , $8.99 lb.
  • Black diamond cheese bars , $4.44 ea.
  • The little potato compagny fresh creamer potatoes , $2.99
  • D’italino buns , rolls or bread , 2 for $5.00

Part of produce will draw your attention with product selection and cheaper prices. Before we talk about them, I want to give you some advice about getting fruit and vegetables. We have to consume these products constantly to stay healthy. Therefore , your selection is very important. Prefer to consume fruit instead of additives. Don’t forget that you deserve always the best!Metro Flyer June 5 2017

Bring out a smile !

You shouldn’t buy any fruits and vegetables that are shriveled, moldy, slimy or bruised. Fresh-looking fruits and vegetables can be always your choice. In addition other importing thing is that you should buy only what you need because you can not keep the products fresh except apples or potatoes which can be stored at your storage.

Pages 4 and 5 includes super fresh fruit or vegetables , organic products , fresh cuts such as feta salad , local selections , floral and many natural selections. Particulary , you should organic products. Nectarines , sweet peppers , tomatoes and cucumbers are featured on part of organic. You can check out these on the bottom right of the page.

  • Tomatoes on the vine , $1.79 lb.
  • Seedless cucumbers , 2 for $3.00
  • Red , orange or yellow street peppers , $3.77 lb.
  • Avocados , $3.99
  • Extra large red or green seedless grapes , $3.99 lb.
  • Dragon fruit pithaya , $2.99 ea.
  • Crains dried cranberries , 2 for $7.00
  • Organic sweet peppers , $3.99

It is time to try special and delicious goodies ! They offers you a lot of cakes , croissants , cookies , muffins , chocolate bread and many more with quite fair prices ! Freshly made and ready to be service baked goods would be good choice if you don’t have time to prepare something. In my opinion , the best one is Front Street Bakery gourmet strawberry shortcake for $23.99 !Metro Flyer June 5 2017

Discover delicious bakery products ;

  • Front Street bakery cheese croissants , $4.49 ea.
  • Family pack cookies , $6.99 ea.
  • Irresistibles pizza crusts , $2.99 ea.
  • Wonder chocolate bread , $2.99 ea.
  • Selection english muffins , $1.79 ea.
  • La petite bretonne croissants , $2.99 ea.
  • Panini rolls , $2.79 ea.
  • Premiere moisson jalapeno cheese bread , $4.49 ea.

For more deals , informations and details , you can check out other pages. Many more are waiting for you to be discover here !