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Sobeys Flyer October 21 2017

Hello everyone and welcome back to this week’s Sobeys Flyer October 21 2017. In this weeks flyer, you can find many big deals on various kinds of products on countless categories such as meat, seafood, fruits and much more. Also, it this weeks flyer, you can find the special carving or pie pumpkins special for Halloween in the  “Funtastical” section. In page 3, you can find the sensations air-chilled chickens too so that also a good option worth checking. Now, lets cut the talk and see the best deals, shall we?

Best Deals on Sobeys Flyer October 21 2017

Sobeys Flyer October 21 2017

On this week’s Sobeys Flyer October 21 2017, you can find the best deals and discounts for your weekly kitchen shopping! In the landing page, one can easily see that the many everyday products such as grapes, pork ribs, cucumbers or tomatoes are in big discounts. Page 2 is saved just for Halloween deals and filled with pumpkins, blueberries, kiwi, pineapples and much more. Page 3 contains special discounts on Sensations products such as boneless chicken thighs or chicken breasts so that is a good option too. Now, let’s see our list!

These are the musts for the last day of Sobeys Flyer October 21 2017 but you can find much more deals in here! Also, feel free to check out our website for countless retailers, discounts and newest flyers. See you on next deal!